Owls + Tutoring = HOOTorials!


Enya Ratkic and Natalie McLaren

Many Owls in the iUPrep community desire to help one another. We also love to engage in leadership communities like Owl Pals, and NHS/NJHS. How can we help one another while fulfilling requirements for organizations like Owl Pals and NHS/NJHS, including service hours?

Well fear no longer, HOOTorials is flying in to save you from the endless night, filled with empty pages of service hours, and empty hearts that want to help fellow owls. HOOTorials is a great way to lead other owls towards success and for you to gain experience in tutoring others! 

What does this team of tutors do? Well, Owl Tutors works with and assists students who need help on a topic in a subject. This elite team participates in and leads tutoring sessions that are held in Mrs. McFarland’s LL room. As a matter of fact, they also can help students prepare for an exam such as the STAAR tests, AP exams, and the very intimidating SAT/ACT! Also, if there is a need for some work on your corrections for a particular assignment, the Owl Tutors can help out on that as well! 

By the way, this team of Owl Tutors was selected on very tight criteria, and were required to have a 90 or higher in all of their classes! So, students can be sure that the people helping them out know what they are doing!

Interested in joining this OWLSOME team of tutors? Apply HERE! 

But maybe you’re on the other side of the equation, and you’re in need of help. Sometimes an owl suffers from an injured wing, or maybe they just need another animal to get them through a rough patch in their journey of becoming wise. That’s why YOU can receive help too! No owl is perfect on their flight. They stumble, and they even fall a good distance. But it’s not the fall, but the recovery that counts. Let an HOOTorials be your quick and speedy bounce back into the sky!

‼️⚠️NEED HELP⚠️‼️ on a particular subject, exam, or work on corrections for an assignment? Fill out ➡️ THIS FORM ⬅️ and a fellow Owl Tutor will help you out! No more worrying and stressing out about schoolwork! Owl Tutors has got you covered on that!