How important is recycling and composting to our environment?


Alexis Ladd, Staff Writer

Recycling is a huge component in preserving our environment. When you hear the word recycling what do you think of? According to Business Recycling Solutions, the definition of recycling is “the action or process of converting waste into reusable material.” So, how many people actually recycle? I did a survey asking iUP students how and if they recycle and I got ten results, one being myself. 

So, as you can see (on the right), eight out of ten people said they do recycle. That’s not bad, but that does mean that there are two of those people who don’t recycle out of ten. Those two people’s recyclable items add up and get thrown away. The people whose responses are in the picture said they recycle normally. The reason people shouldn’t throw stuff away is because it eventually breaks down. When it does get thrown away, it poisons the plants. Or, it is eaten by animals.  

I also got a response that one of the teachers at iUP actually makes money on recycling, which is where you turn in recyclable items and get money. The picture to the right shows an example of upcycling. Plastic is a major problem in the environment,  as like I said earlier, it dissolves then poisons the plants and animals. You can recycle glass, paper, plastic, and cardboard. One person added to their response to my survey and said that they use plastic bags to pick up dog poop, which is a great use of plastic bags! You could also upcycle, an example is using an old soda can to plant a flower in. You might ask, “But what if you have organic matter that you want to throw away?”There is a solution. Ever heard of composting? It happens naturally, but you can do it too! If you never rake your leaves they would get oxygen, water and nutrients. Then, they would compost and go into the soil, boosting it. You can toss your egg shells, orange peels, banana peels and much more into your backyard and it’ll compost! But, if you have a pet, make sure it doesn’t get into whatever you put in the dirt/grass. I hope you consider recycling or composting. Ask your parents if they can take you to a recycling center and give them some items! Help make the world a safer place!


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