When and Why?

Samantha Anderson, Staff Writer

To some, books are only words on a page. To some, literature holds little importance in their lives, and reading is merely a dreaded action that one partakes in when in the pursuit of their education. While for others, books provide insight into alternative universes, historical characters’ lives, and riveting stories. I like to say that people believe they don’t like reading because they haven’t found the right book or genre that resonates with them. Thus, the iUniversity Prep Book Club allows for IUP students who are not big fans of reading, or students who possess a deep passion for reading, to discover and discuss new books with their peers.  


When And Why?


On the first Wednesday of each month, students in the IUP book club are presented with four options of books to choose from. From then on, you have a month to read the book that you chose. Before the big meeting on the first Wednesday of each month, students have the opportunity to meet with the teacher and other students reading the same book as them to discuss their thoughts and feelings on it. When all groups meet together once again you’ll then pick a new book for the month and continue this process throughout the rest of the school year. On top of the book assignments, students are allowed to give book talks on the books they have read on their own that month as well. Meetings take place at 2:00 pm in Mrs. Jones’ live lesson room, a sponsor who leads a group in the club. In addition to Mrs. Jones, Mrs. S Williams, Mrs. J Williams, and Mr. Rains also lead groups in the club. No matter your grade level, anyone can join the club at any time during the year. 


Although books are not for everyone, I would recommend giving the Book Club a try. The wonderful selections made by the club’s sponsors are sure to make you love reading while giving you the chance to interact with your peers. We hope to see you there!