How could Virtual Reality affect the lives of online students?


Yahia Osman, Staff Writer

What Even Is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is pretty self-explanatory from the name, it is essentially a virtual reality. In virtual reality, you can go to places, play games, and much more. You can do all of these things from the comfort of your home and that is what is amazing about it. 


What Does This Have To Do With IUP?

IUP is a virtual school where all of the students and teachers work from the comfort of their homes. The problem is that the students don’t get as much human interaction as you would in a Brick-and-Mortar school so this is not ideal. Imagine if IUP implemented virtual reality so that you can see all your friends and teachers in one place and not need to drive hours to meet them, how amazing would that be. Let’s take a look at all the positives and negatives to this.


The Positives of Implementing Virtual Reality Into IUP

There are so many positive things about implementing virtual reality into IUP. The biggest positive of all of them is that the students will receive more human interaction.  Human interaction is really important for kids, teens, and even adults.  Without it, nobody will know how to properly interact with someone in the future such as a client at work or your boss. This is problematic because it could cause you to either be fired or not get a job in the first place. With virtual reality, the students and teachers won’t have to drive hours just to see each other. We will be able to see each other from the comfort of our home and be able to talk about school, sports, etc.


The Negatives of Implementing Virtual Reality Into IUP

A few of the negative side-effects to this are the cost of materials, the increased anxiety, and the possible injuries that come with using virtual reality in a crowded space. The cost of equipment is detrimental to the virtual reality dream. Many families do not have the money for such equipment. This could be solved with a fundraiser for the betterment of our education. Anxiety in students will improve as time goes by. The more we participate in communication, the more we become comfortable with those around us. The injuries can simply be fixed by making space and exercising caution. They can also be avoided by dimming the screen so as to not critically damage your eyes.


Final Thoughts on This Amazing Mix

Implementing virtual reality into IUP would be incredible and educational too! It would teach the students the values of human interaction and how to properly interact with one another, especially since we can’t go anywhere with COVID-19 all over the world. Yes, virtual reality may have some issues but overall the positives outweigh the negatives.