What was trendy the first year iUPrep was around?

Yadiz Martinez, Staff Writer

What is a trend? 

A trend is an action, fashion, saying, or anything that was extremely popular over a period of time. Some trends are set by celebrities or other well-known figures, while others can be set by regular people. Regardless of who sets them, trends can be very influential in the way people live their everyday lives.

The Beginning of iUP, As Well As Some Trends

iUniversity Prep opened in the fall of 2013. During this time, there were many distinct trends! Some trends revolved around clothing, music, food, etc… 

Some trending songs of 2013 were: 

  •  “Radioactive,”  Imagine Dragons, 
  • “Roar,” – Katy Perry, 
  • “Harlem Shake,” – Baauer, 
  • “Gangnam Style,” – PSY, 
  • “Stay” – Rihanna ft. Mikky Ekko, 
  • “Come & Get it” – Selena Gomez, 
  • “Girl on Fire,” – Alicia Keys, 
  • “Brave” – Sara Bareilles, and so many more. 

One of the most known food trends was frozen yogurt, which is a dessert similar to ice cream that can be customized to your liking. 

Other trends consisted of new social media platforms, such as Vine, an entertainment network that supported six-second long videos for the purpose of entertainment.

iUP Remembers 

Although the 2013-2014 school year was nearly eight years ago, many iUP students still remember many popular trends during those times. Sixth-grade student Dawson Baker remembers the famous food trend FroYo, saying “I remember fro yo was so cool back then.” Tessa Bradley, an eighth-grader, said “I was in kindergarten during the 2013-2014 school year, so I don’t have the clearest memories of it. I do remember that Frozen was popular amongst the girls in my grade, though.”  She also mentions that she did eventually watch the movie due to its popularity, stating that “It was a good movie, but I didn’t understand why people liked it as much as they did.” This demonstrates that not all people like all of the trends that come out as much as other people. Mrs. Cavanagh does remember many of the trends of 2013-2014, specifically citing, “Silly Bandz, Vera Bradley bags, Vine, insanely straightened hair, Sperrys shoes, Twitter, etc…” Also adding that these trends make her feel, “very nostalgic!” 

Trends Come to An End 

Usually, trends last a couple of weeks or months, but after a while, they usually tend to slowly die down. This then makes way for new and different trends to emerge. Nevertheless, we will always look back and remember old trends that made us smile or laugh!