Apple Watch’s New Feature: Pokémon Go



Every year Apple releases something extraordinary and more powerful than its predecessor. Apple recently announced that it was teaming up with Niantic, Inc. and bringing Pokémon Go to the new apple watch. For many, this brought cheers and even more motivation to purchase the new apple watch, others however were skeptical.

On paper bringing Pokémon Go to apple watch seems like a fantastic innovation, but is it really worth the money they are asking for it? For some people dropping 200 to 300 dollars on a watch is no big deal but for many it is far overpriced. While not all of the details about bringing Pokémon Go to Apple watch have been released, we do know some. One feature will be a built in calorie counter for the walks you take while playing Pokémon Go. This seems like a great feature, as Pokémon Go was intended for people to get off their feet. According to incorporating this fantastic game into Apple Watch can reduce risks of accidents. We have all heard the stories of people getting run over by cars while playing and by having it on the watch it allows people to just take a quick glance and to be more alert to the world around them. This could be especially useful for smaller children who like to play. Sadly it seems like there is a lot more cons than pros for the new apple watch. “One of the biggest downfalls to this awesome idea is that your battery on the watch is going to be significantly drained by the app,” says  What’s the fun in trying to play if you’re having to run to charge your ever dwindling battery on your watch? And while you can see what Pokémon are near at a glance, you will still have to use your phone to capture Pokémon.

Recently I interviewed William Ringler, my brother, who happens to be an avid Pokémon Go player. I asked what he thought about bringing the game to Apple watch. After expressing how much he loved the game and the idea, he felt that it “is not worth it’” and that he would rather just use the app. William happens to be a musician and could see himself using the money for the Apple watch on something more useful for him, like new amps and guitars.

All in all, the new feature of bringing Pokémon Go to apple watch is an awesome idea. I am sure that thousands who love both Apple and Pokémon Go will flock to buy the new watch. For many this could be a game changer for the beloved game, but for others it is seen as an overpriced item that would not hold much use for them.