This past June, my competitive Figure Skating took me to Colorado Springs, Colorado


Ian Kirk, Staff Writer

This past June, my competitive sport of Figure Skating took me to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Just over one hour south of Denver, and over one hour north of the New Mexican border, this diverse city has many different social and physical denominators. Whether you are in for entertainment, exercise, or sightseeing, this place has got what it takes.
Many different physical features are key elements in the Springs. The Rockies, specifically Pike’s Peak, stand front and center, along with the Puebloan Garden of the Gods. Pikes Peak, (Pictured above), stands over 14,000 feet above sea level. My family is deathly afraid of heights, so we did not make the one and a half hour trek up the side of the mountain. But all said, there is a highway the can take you up to the height of the gods. If driving doesn’t seem fit, there is also a Train/Monta rail that will guide you through the many different sights up to the peak.
Garden of the Gods, which stands proudly at the base of the mountain, jut up into the crimson colored sky like polished daggers.

(Garden of the Gods pictured above)

There are many different paths that you can venture either driving, walking, or bicycling. This beautiful path full of vast rock formations is an experience like no other, and can transport you through the wilderness of Colorado.
Just south of Pikes Peak, there is another vast mountain of rock called Cheyenne Mountain. Cheyenne Mountain stands relatively low over the skyline, but still provides for a vast majority of entertainment. At the base of the mountain, and hosted by The Broadmoor, there is the Seven Falls. The Seven Falls is a remote resort off campus from The Broadmoor. This satellite campus had a wide array of waterfalls that sparkle and glisten in the low lying sun. In select locations there are micro restaurants and bars for the adults.
At the top of the mountain, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo exhibits a wide array of adorable animals. Giraffes, Hippos, Monkeys, and many other creatures are all available to feed and cuddle, (Ok, maybe not the Hippos) Regardless, there are fun and exciting activities for kids, adults, and animal lovers alike.
Here are some beautiful photos of the scenery present in the wonderful Colorado Springs.