The non-political reasons why the NFL should not kneel


Ethan Rumuly, Staff writer

   The most recent political explosion has been centered around America’s favorite pastime- or at least it used to be. The NFL players have followed the rest of their teammates and coaches and kneeled in either a protest of President Trump, police violence, or simply for the right to kneel. I could point out why such a notion is incorrect, however the rest of this article will instead focus on why it is not wise.


Fan Base

   On Monday night the Dallas Cowboys prepared to face off against the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix. In front of a sellout crowd, America’s team elected to kneel before the anthem and stand during it, in an attempt to please both parties. However, this did not work because the primary base of the NFL is the demographic that respects our country. Booing rained down from the stadium not because NFL fans love Trump, but because they love the country and see kneeling as disrespectful to that which they love. The NFL’s fanbase is 77% white, and mostly middle-age male, the exact group that this kneeling movement targets.


The Real Reason Players Kneel and Why Their Fans Don’t See it

   Alejandro Villanueva, Pittsburgh Steelers offensive Tackle and former Army Ranger, decided to walk out the tunnel without his team and stand alone for the national anthem. Villanueva says the a flood of injured vet’s messages urging him to stand for them, is what convinced him to stand. He continued in an interview that if he had he told his teammates, he was sure they all would have stood with him, but his emotions got the best of him. The true reason that most players kneel now, is not to dishonor the flag or people like Alejandro, but simply for the right to kneel. See, President Trump had previously issued a tweet calling for players who kneel to be fired for the same reason NFL fans do – they respect the country. But players don’t see how they come off, and NFL fans don’t understand how players want to come off.


Why and How to Solve This Polarizing Issue

   Conservative Political Commentator Ben Shapiro comments that although ratings were up this weekend, it was simply to see if players would or would not kneel. He now predicts a severe drop in ratings as viewers have received their answer. If the NFL wants to stay “America’s Favorite Past-time,” they will have to stop alienating their base. Instead of kneeling during the anthem, players should simply voice their concerns in interviews or in public appearances and social media. Standing for the anthem will bring their base back, and talking in interviews will still give a way for them to communicate freely. In conclusion, a problem has arisen where none should be, and if the NFL wants to continue being as popular as it always has been, they need to fix that problem.