Say "Yes" to "Pumpkin Spice" this season


Victoria Mossman, Staff Writer

With the fall season comes the new and exciting flavor that is pumpkin spice. Known to be added to nearly every product during the time of “sweater weather,” pumpkin spice is a flavor and scent that was created to remind you of fall.

Often, you will hear people complain about it, elaborating on how gross or unnecessary the use is—some even saying that it’s getting out of control. Although these would be great reviews for companies who have introduced the pumpkin spice trend to their products, it is found that most of the people who put it down haven’t even tried it for themselves. Among the years there has been much controversy over trying new things, and a lot of people are too afraid of change to try anything new. The pumpkin spice trend is an amazing example of that.

Having been added to things such as drinks, candies, candles, soaps, meals, etcetera, pumpkin spice was easily shot down by a good portion of the media. The backup behind these negative reviews was how the introduction of pumpkin spice to all the everyday product was unhealthy, and that it was unnatural and sounded disgusting. If you read back on that, the keyword is “sounded”. A lot of so-called “customers” who are the authors of the bad reviews are people who have not tried it for themselves, simply because the thought of mixing “pumpkin spice” with everything was disgusting.

Don’t knock it ‘til you try it. I myself, for example, have tried quite a few pumpkin spice products and ended up liking them—even when I first thought I wouldn’t. Not only does the name “pumpkin spice” remind me of fall, pumpkin patches, and the color change of leaves, the product itself also creates this taste and smell that is realistically similar to how you would imagine fall scenery to taste. That is, if anyone could make that a taste. For now though, I feel that pumpkin spice is pretty close to it.

This fall, venture out into the unknown and try something new by trying a product that “pumpkin spice” has been introduced to. And next time a bad review makes you shy away from it, just remember that they might not have the experience that you gained from actually trying it.

All taken into consideration, pumpkin spice could be described as dull or gross, but I feel it should be described as interesting and exciting. You don’t know until you’ve tried it for yourself!