Why Australian Accents are 1,000 Times Better than British Accents


Denise Soerens, Editor-in-Chief

Welcome to the first installation of “Nisi and Nate Debate”, where Nathaniel “Nate” Brown and I will debate any topic that strikes our fancy, whether or not we have a real opinion on it. Our first topic will be: Which is better? Australian accents, or British accents? I say Australian!


First of all, let’s start off with a mini-history lesson. Where did the Australian accent come from? Why does it sound similar to the British accent? Well, any Australian would protest that they’re actually not similar, but they’re just more similar to each other than they are to a standard American accent. As most people know, the nation of Great Britain has left little marks all over the world, since at one time they seemed to be bent on world domination. There was English occupation all over the world, in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and even Africa and eventually… Australia! There are few places that the British didn’t invade.

The American accent is pretty close to what the British accent sounded like in 1700, while the Australian accent is pretty similar to their 1800’s one. The current British accent developed from the “higher class” of Brits, who essentially started talking fancier so they could seem fancier. It’s elitist, and doesn’t even sound that good anymore! The smooth, “fancy” British accent that Americans seem to swoon over isn’t nearly as common as the regular, tinny Cockney accent that lots of Brits have.

Unlike many other accents, which differ in different regions of their countries, the Australian accent is pretty much the same, no matter where you go in Australia. There are some differences in the social classes, but isn’t based on geography (like in England, where it seems every city has its own accent that it swears is completely different than the other ones).

Now, onto the meat of this article. Why are Australian accents better than English ones? First of all, it’s harder. Try to do an Australian accent! You’ll just end up doing a (bad) English one! It’s a nuanced accent that instantly makes you sound super cool.

Need more proof? Sure. Alex O’Loughlin. Cate Blanchett. Hugh Jackman. Nicole Kidman. Simon Baker. Russell Crowe. Naomi Watts. Eric Bana. Heath Ledger. Rose Byrne. Margot Robbie. Sam Worthington. Joel Edgerton. Ryan Kwanten. Portia de Rossi. Mel Gibson. Flea. Rebel Wilson. Iggy Azalea. Kylie Minogue. Miranda Kerr. Of course, who could forget Liam Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth? And, last but most certainly not least, the one, the only: Steve Irwin (RIP). All of these celebrities are Australian! They’re all pretty good at concealing their accents for various roles, but when they open their mouths and let their native accent free, it’s amazing! Ladies. What’s better than Chris Hemsworth? Chris Hemsworth with an Australian accent.

Drop the mic.

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