This article is a review over an experience at one of Disney World's best restaurants


Lilly Tubbs, Staff Writer

Have you ever gone to Disney Springs? If so, I hope you went to the T-Rex Cafe. People say that Disney is magical and is the most wonderful place on Earth. When you walk towards the T-Rex Cafe it might just take your breath away. It is definitely a magical place. A huge T-Rex and a skeleton of a T-Rex greets you along with some smiling faces.  As you enter the Cafe, you see a giant moving T-Rex that roars loudly and moves unexpectedly. There is also a mammoth, raptors, and pterodactyls. The coolest part of the Cafe was the meteor shower that happens every twenty minutes. The lights dim and and a trail of lights circle around the inside of the building all over. After the shower, the lights come back on. There are several areas inside the cafe that are indicative of different eras of the dinosaur age. There are stalactites over one section of the cafe; then, in another area, you feel like you are in a Jurassic Park movie.

It’s no wonder this majestic cafe is full of amazing animals and entertainment–it is owned by Rainforest Cafe!

Unfortunately, we did not have a great service experience. We waited for almost an hour for food.  Our waiter talked so fast that we could barely understand him, and it seemed so impersonal. I had a surf and turf dinner and it was pretty good. At the end of the meal, the waiter gave us one bill, which was a slight problem. We needed the bill broken up between three families, so we did the math and added a tip. There was a suggested tip of 18%, but we did not feel the waiter went above and beyond to receive a 3% higher tip. When we showed him our separate payments, and he threw our credit cards back at us and told us to figure exact amounts to charge. I was astonished at his behavior because he literally threw a fit. I felt embarrassed for him because he stomped off and acted like a little child.  Although the service was not the best I still enjoyed the experience with my family and friends.