A Movie You Can Relate To!


Abby Perry, Staff Writer

Where do I begin?  There are so many movies about high school that aren’t accurate at all!  When I was a freshman coming into school, I thought it was going to be like High School Musical where everybody got along and we all just loved and accepted each other. Public high school is not like that! High school is not a breeze, but it’s also not terrible. We need movies that are more relatable to kids like us who are homeschooled!

If homeschooled life were a movie, there would be a lot of typing and fuzzy socks.  You could have multiple genres. For example, when your internet goes out, that’s definitely a horror movie.   In the end, you could have the other internet browser that swoops in and saves the day!

I think the accurate part of all the high school movies is that we all just want to fit in.  No matter who you are, whether your the jock or the popular girl or even the Harry Potter fanatic, you all just want friends and a place to go. The main part of High School Musical, A Cinderella Story, and so many more movies is that they are all trying to find security and a group of friends that have each others’ backs.  Movies aren’t very relatable, but there is always a deeper message behind them. So if you are entering high school, just know that it is not always going to be a walk in the park–but it has its perks.

If school were a movie there would be late night homework sessions, facetiming friends for help,  and procrastination. The movie would need to be sponsored by Keurig and Nestle Coffee Mate. Next time you have a rough day doing school work just remember it’s going to happen, because you’re not in High School Musical where you can sing your way out of it–but keep in mind that summer is just around the corner!