Beginner tricks for the beginner skateboarder


Thalia Egalite, Staff Writer

Today, I’ll be telling you some pretty basic skateboard tricks to learn (don’t mistake “basic” for easy to learn!).

First, let’s see the things you’ll need. For these tricks, you’ll need a skateboard and legs.

The first trick is easy–once you have it down. I’m not sure of the real name, but let’s call it the “board flip.” First, you put your board on the ground with the wheels facing up; put your feet under the skateboard.

You will want to put your feet under the trunks (the thing with the wheels on them);  then,  jump just a little and flip the board so the wheels are on the ground and you land on the nails.

It’s as simple as that!

The next one is a little harder, but you’ll get the hang of it with practice.

This is called the strawberry milkshake! To do this, you need step off your board while using your foot, then flip the board on top of it (the other foot should be on the other side out of the way). You then use the foot that’s under the board and flip the board in a circle. Now you can jump back on!

While it may look hard, with practice you can get it just right. This trick is all about your ankle and making sure you flip it just right while also jumping on correctly. I hope this helped a bit and enabled you to learn these tricks. If not, I suggest YouTube account Braille’s “How to do a Strawberry Milkshake,” because that video helped me.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this article!