What’s this hype around the cycling?


Hayden Harvey, Staff Writer

If you live near a big city, workout, or even have social media, you have most likely heard of SoulCycle. SoulCycle’s popularity has skyrocketed in recent years as many celebrities, trainers, and social media stars have worked out there. While you may have heard of SoulCycle, do you know what it’s really all about? How it started? The goal and experience of the whole company? What you are probably wondering is, “What’s all the hype?” I’ll tell you what the hype is all about and how SoulCycle has changed my life.


The Story

SoulCycle began in 2006 when two women met and had an idea that changed the country. Julie and Elizabeth (the founders) came from such different backgrounds but both wanted the same thing for themselves and their health. Elizabeth was all about yoga but wanted something to help her lose the extra “baby fat.” Julie was a runner and hiker who wanted a sense of community and fun in her everyday workout. With these two wants, SoulCycle was created. The very first studio opened in 2006, and in 2019, they have over 88 studios in the country and 3 in Canada.


The Goal

SoulCycle is centered around the idea of bringing people out of their shell and finding “their soul.” Classes are motivational, fun, and high-cardio. On the walls of both studios in Dallas, there is a quote reading “At Soulcycle… We aspire to inspire. We inhale intention and exhale expectation. We commit to our climbs and find freedom in our sprints. We are a fitness community raising the roof at our own cardio party. The rhythm pushes us harder than we ever thought possible. Our own strength surprises us every time. Addicted, obsessed, unnaturally attached to our bikes. High on sweat and the hum of the wheel. Core engaged, we reshape our entire bodies, one ride at a time. Change your body, take the journey, and find your soul” I could not have said it better myself. Being at SoulCycle makes you want to come back every time. The energy and positivity make you want to be a better version of yourself.



Classes are the core of what SoulCycle is. Each Soul Studio is a “dark candlelit room to high-energy music.” Each class is 45 min long and filled with a warmup, hills, sprints, running, climbing, a weight series, a downhill battle to the finish line, and a quick and relaxing stretch.  The instructors are so high-energy and want you to have fun and improve. Your first class at SoulCycle can be intimidating. But, the instructors make you feel welcome and comfortable by asking your name at the beginning of class, checking on you throughout the class, and applauding you and cheering you on just for showing up! Along with that, the whole class wants you to feel welcome with clapping and cheering.


Do I recommend SoulCycle?

Before I went to a SoulCycle class, I did not think it was worth it. I believed this was just like any other workout class. But, after going to my first class around a month ago, I will never leave. The fantastic cardio workout I get from class makes me feel strong and like I can conquer the world. Classes are so fun that it makes me want to come back! I highly recommend trying out a class and giving SoulCycle a fair chance. You never know, it could change your world.