iUP wlecomes new teacher Ms. Hoerig

Cheyenne Manning, Staff Writer

iUniversity Prep welcomes it’s newest owl, Lindsay Hoerig! I had the pleasure of asking her a few questions about her life. As a doggy mother, teacher, and engaged, how does she do it!?

Graduated from the University of North Texas with a bachelor’s degree in Arts in psychology, she minored in political science. When asked if she always wanted to teach she replied, “ I honestly didn’t realize I wanted to be a teacher until my last year of college. Before I came to that realization, I thought I would be a counselor/therapist of some kind. I realized I wanted to teach when I began dating a teacher (my now fiance) in January of 2016 and I began to truly admire what he did every day. His passion for teaching was inspiring and is ultimately what inspired me to seek out teaching certifications in my senior year of college.” So with a degree in arts in psychology and a degree for teaching, she could have any old teaching job, but luckily she came to iUniversity Prep! When asked why she picked iUniversity Prep, Ms.Hoerig replies, “iUPrep was one of the easiest decisions I have ever made. Once I heard about our school’s unique environment and the student-centered atmosphere I was hooked. I feel beyond lucky every single day to work here. What we have here at iUPrep is special; there’s not a school anywhere in the nation that can come close to the level of prestige from both our students and teachers.” Ms. Hoerig is certainly correct about that! Our school is made just for the student’s schedule. As I mentioned above she is an adorable dog’s mother. Wrigley is an Instagram superstar! With about one-hundred-fifty followers, she is becoming a puppy princess. Ms. Hoerig says that she used to make fun of people who made social media accounts for their pets. But, she understood. After getting her adorable pooch in 2017 her social media accounts were spammed with photos of Wrigley! But who wouldn’t love that adorable face? When asked what fun fact very few people know about her, she replied, “I was a triple threat in high school! I lettered in swimming, theatre, and Academics!I’ve traveled to 10 countries! (U.K., Italy, Vatican City, France, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein & Canada) (Getting my 11th in March when we go to Greece)”.

So we welcome our newest owl with open wings-I mean arms! We all hope she has a great time at iUniversity Prep and that she will stay with us for as long as she can.