NBA 2K20 headlines games released in September

Cody Morgan, Staff Writer

Gaming has been on the rise for quite some time now, and September was a pretty good time. With the release of Madden 20 and NBA2K20, which are NFL and NBA simulators, new doors have opened up for new stories and better graphics. I have played both, and while still holding the mechanics and charm of both series, I can’t help but feel that EA games have gotten worse. Its entirely possible that I am just exhausted by the series, so they are definitely games you should try for yourself if you enjoy sports and a decent storyline!

Fortnite’s meteoric rise has made it hard to find someone who isn’t talking about it. Fortnite is a cartoony battle royale that kids and adults of all ages can enjoy. With updates every week and a constant flow of content, Fortnite has stomped the competition of all other battle royale games into the ground. Fornite’s growth in the competitive field is causing some problems though. While Fortnite is a competitive game, with 250 million users, there are bound to be people just playing casually. There is a constant battle between the “casuals” and the “competitives” and Fortnite is stuck in the middle. There is always something to complain about and I feel Fortnite’s reign will soon end if they don’t find a solution
Overall, I feel we have been running low on good games. I can’t play Fortnite forever! Hopefully this month with the release of Borderlands 3 and Modern Warfare, the gaming community will feel whole again.