Some helpful tips on how to make your next road trip super easy

Alexa Godwin, Staff Writer

Do you have a road trip coming up and are not sure what to bring? Here are a few tips on what to bring and things to do while on a road trip. If you follow these ideas, you are guaranteed to have a more fun, enjoyable road trip. Whether it’s just you or 12 other people in the car, this article will have something to offer you!
Let’s start with what to pack! First things first snacks are key. Make sure you are stalked up on your favorite snacks and lots of water so that you never have to make an extra stop for food. Next, you want to be comfortable, so bring your blanket, pillow, and anything that will make it cozy enough to watch a movie or take a nice nap. That brings me to the next thing: entertainment. I’ll elaborate more about this later but make sure you pack a movie, coloring book, or a good book to read. Last thing I would make sure to pack is earphones, especially if there are a lot of people in one car. There is a good chance that everyone isn’t going to want to listen to the same music, podcasts, or movie.
The second major tip is to bring entertainment, especially if you’re not the driver. No one likes a road trip passenger who is constantly asking “Are we there yet?”, “What time is it?”, “I’m bored!”. Plan ahead, if you know you have to busy the whole time bring coloring books, a movie to watch, bracelets to make ect. Make sure you only bring things you are actually going to use though, if you know you get car sick maybe bringing a book as your only source of entertainment isn’t the best idea. Don’t rely on other people if you just say “Oh, I will just talk the whole time, I don’t need to bring anything”, what if the person you were talking to falls asleep then you have nothing to do. If you do happen to forgot to bring activities there are plenty of car games you can play like the alphabet game, cows on my side, or just listening to some music while looking out the window.
Thanks for reading my tips for your next road trip! I hope you got an idea of what to bring on your next roadtrip. Now go get on the road, I know you’re going to have a ton of fun!