Why you should give reading a chance


Alexa Godwin, Staff Writer

What would the world be like without the ability to pick up a fictional chapter book and read it at any moment? I think fictional chapter books are so important because they drastically improve reading skills. Another reason they are so important is because they exercise imagination and make the reader think outside the box.
Let’s start with the obvious: the more books someone reads, the better reader they become, or like the quote goes, “practice makes progress”. For example, let’s say there is a five or six year old boy starting to learn how to read. In the beginning he really struggles but every book he reads, he gets better and better, and by the time he is eleven he can read an entire book by himself. This example supports my reason because everyone learns how to read by reading so it is proven the more someone reads the better they get.
On the other hand books also exercise the imagination. The reason I specifically said chapter books in the beginning is because I wanted to specifically gear this towards books without pictures. There is nothing better than picking up a new book that I’ve never seen a movie, trailer, or some visual representation of. While reading the book the only things to visualize are from your own imagination. If someone was to read the book after they saw the movie, all they’re going to think about is the actors in the movie, instead of the original ideas from the book.
I know whoever is reading this probably likes to read. Otherwise, you probably wouldn’t have made it here to the end. But if you’re having doubts, give it a try! If nothing else, it will be beneficial to not only improving your reading skills, but also expand imagination and create original ideas. Now, stop reading this article and have fun reading books and imagining your own ideas!