A library you won’t forget

Cheyenne Manning, Staff Writer

I recently had the honor of going to the biggest library I have ever been in. Surrounded by shops and places to eat, the Southlake Library is in the Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Southlake. So let me tell you a little bit about this amazing library.
This library is located on the floor below the lobby, which is also huge! There are stairs that lead to different levels above and below the lobby. The library has two tremendous sets of doors that lead you to the museum of books. If you go straight, you will find a section of children’s books that go from ages newborn to 12. There are Dork Diaries, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Baby Mouse, Thomas the Train, Bad Kitty, and so much more. There are computers for little kids to learn their colors, letters, shapes, and more. There is also a sitting place with big armchairs, tables with little chairs, and instrumental music. To the right of that, there is a section of mystical books, fantasy books, and even a few cookbooks. If you go more to the right there is the teen section. There are two armchairs and two tables, with teen magazines. There are also two meeting rooms where you can go and, well, have meetings! Beyond that are more books! This is where you can find more adult books. There are also computers that you can find the right book you want. There are also very kind workers who will help you find a book or help you check out.
If you ever happen to go to Southlake, check out the library! I asure you that you will not be disappointed with their selection.