The not-so hidden benefits of social media


JoElle Coats, Staff Writer

While there are positive effects to social media it seems that we tend to focus more on the downside of it. There are plenty of benefits to having social media but it doesn’t seem to affect us as much as the downsides. Why? Well I think it could be the lack of appreciation or even the lack of recognition. Maybe you haven’t realized how much of an impact it has on you each and every day so you think there is more negative than positive. Whatever the reason try to start paying attention to how you feel before a social media visit vs after. The results will vary from day to day depending on the posts and accounts you visit. You may be having a bad day and the community on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any other social app can be a big help in spiking your mood. Not only does it create a place where teens-adults can connect and understand each other but it also provides access to plenty of valuable information, long distance communication and a platform to share your hobbies and passions. During the pandemic of COVID-19 social media has become crucial in many individuals mental health. There are some people that need contact with the outside world to be happy (Personally, I am not one of those people, I prefer my time alone), but social media creates a community for those individuals. For some, without the existence of social media, their mental health would be all over the place. I’ve seen some people start to break down on social media and share their difficulties, and the support that they received was amazing. Their followers/fans had been there for them which impacted them in a huge way and certainly for the better. So social media is not all that bad; it just depends on how you look at it and what side of social media you are on. Some political topics can be quite damaging to your mood because it’s an easy topic for disagreements. Whereas if you were on a fan side, with your favorite celebrities or people you look up to, this may brighten your mood rather than drain it. So next time you open Instagram or TikTok pay attention to what content you are looking at and the emotions you feel before you get on it vs after. I promise you’ll be surprised by how much of an impact it has on your mood and just your everyday life.