Disney’s newest live action remake

While we are all stuck at home in these trying times the promise of a new movie is always exciting. So when Disney pushed on with production with the new Mulan movie it gave Disney lovers something to look forward too. Set to have been released on Friday September fourth, Mulan has been the talk of the town online. With a cast lined of Asian American star actors and a star director. What is different about the live action?

The first big difference between the cult classic animated film and this live action remake is that the musical aspect has been removed. There are no more catchy tunes moving the story along. Now people have been taking this in two different ways. This will be a slow movie without the songs to speed up the moments that are slower then the action filled climax or that the removal of the songs will help them tell the story in a more indepth way that allows the story to speak for itself. I think for people thinking this is just going to be the same as the original just with real people this will be disappointing. Though it could give the story more opportunities for the telling of the tale. 

 There is also a shift in characters. It’s small but enough for the audience to notice. The first one is thay Mulan is not an only child. She has a younger sister. Making her the first born daughter and as we see in other stories, the oldest daughter is the one supposed to help lift the family status. I think this will help her inner conflict of not being good enough and not being that perfect girl her family wants. The second character change is that here is no general Shang, meaning there is no love interest. It could be an interesting look at this woman warrior. Focusing on her earning the honor for her family by saving China and not meeting and marrying a man with a high military status.

The differences in the classic and the remake might be enough to turn people away, or could draw them in to the interesting new take. So whether or not you are gonna watch this classic movie remake, it is something to look out for.