6th grade iUP athlete describes her journey to becoming a talented golfer

iUniversityPrep golfer, Daniela Sitompul

Sophia Sokoll, Staff Writer

Acing a course like P.E. can be seen as quite straightforward; but how about acing a sport like golf? That might not prove to be as easy. And what happens if we combine the two? Oh, wait! We already have.

Sixth-grade golfer Daniela Sitompul is a first-year student at iUP and has learned to incorporate school and about 5-6 hours of golf a day. When it comes to academics v.s. golf practice, School always comes first,Daniella says, and when nature prevails, she jumps on the opportunity to manage her work. “On Mondays, I usually finish my school work later in the day and I golf early in the morning. On rainy days I finish my work.”

3 years ago, when her cousin Gaven Green introduced her to golf, she quickly developed an attraction for it. After noticing Daniella’s fondness of the sport her parents decided to take some next steps. “I fell in love {with the sport} immediately and wanted more lessons. I was not the best golfer but I found it entertaining…” “…I  was always competitive and thought I would do a good job. But the other girls hit further and more accurately than me. This made me determined, and I worked harder than ever. The next year. I won 7 tournaments in a row and the 2019 Summer Series with a score of -1.” 

Not only does Daniela display confidence and dedication on course, but off of the course as well. Although her time doesn’t always stretch on forever, she continues to find ways to study and keep up with school. Daniela admits that rushing isn’t the route to take. “Just focus and don’t get sidetracked and distracted.”

When the global pandemic hit, Daniela had to learn to adjust to indoor practice and wearing a mask while she practiced. Fortunately, she now gets to practice more regularly and outside, even with some new adjustments. COVID-19 may have thrown a wrench in her schedule, but Daniela hasn’t let it alter her dream of being a golfer; through trials and tribulations, she has learned to persevere. Daniela’s message to people reading is, “Never give up on your dream, give it 100% and push through!” Some dreams never have to be abandoned, they just need a few more swings. Not all things in life are holes in ones; making it to the green is all that matters.

Are you ready to take the next shot?