What to watch while at home this spooky season!

Image source: https://musingsfromus.com/halloweentown-high-16341/

As we know, the spooky season is upon us and if you’re like me you look forward to it all year long. With the state of our world, we have a lot more time at home and that means indoor festivities. That can be difficult for those who normally trick or treat or go to a party of a sort, so what can we do? Spooky movies of course! I know not everyone loves scary movies, so here are some fun classic not so scary Halloween movies, perfect for a night in this season. 


We start with a classic: Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. With the name, it is always hard to place when is the perfect time for this movie. I think once the spooky season starts, the movie can be on from September to December. The story of the pumpkin king and his goal to take over Christmas is the perfect way to start this season.


If that isn’t your speed, you could always try Halloween Town. It is a T.V. movie, by Disney, about the story of a magical family and how they find their way through the new world. When I say a new world, I mean new. They go to Halloween town for the first time where it is a mix of witches, ghouls, and monsters. It’s a journey of spooky fun. The fun doesn’t stop there; they made more than one. You could have a Halloween Town marathon with your family! 


This next one gives you a few options. The Addams Family, a spooky family that everyone knows. The weird family that is drenched in the macabre is perfect for the spooky season. As I said, there are options. The Addams has had a few movies made, from the live-action that came out in 1992 to the animated movie that came out just last year. If you want some longer fun, you can watch the original television show from the ’60s. One more choice for you theater lovers is the musical. This one isn’t as much a watch but you can always listen to that fun show. 


I know I just scratched the surface of the movies made for this time. There are many more than these such as Beetlejuice, Stephen King books (that have turned into movies), and can’t forget the classic of Hocus Pocus. There are so many movies to watch, so good thing we are trapped indoors. Gives us enough time to get into the spooky feeling. 


(Extra side note, dress up to watch for some extra fun.)