How we can set an example to other online schools and students?

Abigail Hardy, Staff Writer

Since 2013, iUniversity Prep has been teaching students online in the North Texas area and now those U.S.  Students have learned time management, self-discipline, and at-home networking skills through this online public school.  Even with the events of 2020, iUniversity Prep has held strong and learned to adapt to the ever-changing environment. 

Due to COVID-19, or the CoronaVirus, many schools around the world have had to shut their doors to keep the staff and students safe.  Education Week states that “Over 55.1 million students and 124,000 public and private schools were affected by this pandemic.” 

Fortunately for us, iUniversity Prep was not affected too harshly.  However, across the whole state of Texas, the STAAR had been canceled and schools had to turn to online learning. None of the staff was trained to do online learning resulting in kids, slacking off, cheating, and even dropping out.  This shook the whole world of education.  Now how does this affect us, online learners? 

As of now, things like the STAAR and class gatherings are not permitted.  On the other hand, because regular schools are not made to be online, iUniversity Prep has been booming with students.  Teachers now have to manage almost twice the amount of students now. 

We are a prime example in North Texas of what online schooling should look like.  Online student-veterans have become leaders in the classroom and have really stepped up to help online kids in their area.  Yes, it is hard to find the good in times like these, but if it never happened then we wouldn’t have stepped up and we wouldn’t have made the move to get closer to people (while still being six feet apart). 

Stay strong students and set an example for everyone struggling with education during this time!



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