The Top Five Places in South Korea to Travel With Friends, Family, or Individually

Victoria Arifin, Staff Writer

Despite South Korea not being as large as the United States, many breathtaking sights lie on Korean ground, from palaces and grand temples to villages along the countryside. Friends and families of all ages come from all around the world to visit these famous sites. Regardless of the virus, here is a list to save top places to visit in South Korea once traveling is safe!

Dadohaehaesang National Park is known as the largest National Park in Korea. The stunning park is a paradise site covering 1,700 small and large islands and rock structures. Cheongsando island, one of the most scenic islands, is considered a beautiful place to visit for its surreal landscapes and slow city movement. Two other famous islands are Heuksando and Hongdo, where you can take a boat ride to admire the landscapes. This site is a recommendation for those in love with tranquility, photography, and nature!

Are you interested in culture, architecture, shopping, or nightlife? An excellent recommendation is the stunning capital city, Seoul. Filled with glittering modern architecture, chic restaurants, stylish boutiques, party vibes, and lovely parks, Seoul will impress you as it is one of the most famous places in South Korea. Seoul is not just a charming city filled with urban hubs but also rich in culture and history. The War Memorial and the National Museum can take you through a roller coaster of history of the country; if not, Gangnam’s shopping district gives you a taste of the city’s ritzy side. A key attraction is Lotte World Amusement park, where you can find people ranging from students to adults attending for some fun!

The Gwang-An-Bridge, famously known as the Diamond Bridge, is a bridge located in Busan that connects Suyeong-gu to Haeundae-gu, about 6,500 meters long. Although it is not a pedestrian bridge, many still enjoy the bridge’s stunning views and the surrounding region from afar, not to mention, the magnificent lighting system attracts many tourists and photographers!

If you enjoy hiking or nature, or perhaps both, the second-highest peak in the country should be of interest! Standing mighty and tall at 1,915 meters, Chunwang Peak is beloved by many Korean mountain climbers. Atop the mountain is a national park that stretches over three provinces where the glorious sunrise can be caught early morning. Its clean air and fresh water from the spring are undoubtedly a delight to many internal organs.

Cherry blossoms are typical to find in South Korea, but Kyeong-Wha Station is undoubtedly a favorite train station filled with Cherry blossoms’ essence. Friends, family, or individuals can catch the visual delight of the train approaching the station under the cherry blossom tunnel, an unmissable and surreal moment!

From nature to the best experience of modern-day lifestyles, South Korea has so much more to offer. Save this list for the next time you desire a vacation and start packing your bags; it is a promise that South Korea will not disappoint!



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