Is COVID scaring off haunted houses?

  While COVID-19 is still impacting major activities such as sports, hanging out with friends, social gatherings, and educational events , many are curious what is the plan for seasonal activities. In this case what is the plan for haunted houses this Halloween season? While we get closer to Halloween many people are wanting to go to local haunted houses for a good scare, unfortunately this year many haunted houses will have to close down. A really interesting ritual I do with my friends and I is to go to this insanely scary haunted place named “Dark Hour”. It’s a popular haunted house in the DFW area, they are known to be “One of the nation’s scariest haunted houses”. In Dark Hour’s mission statement their goal is to produce the highest quality haunt experience available. This year is quite different for them because they have chosen to opt-out this year. On their Instagram feed, they stated, “After careful consideration of the ongoing pandemic, we do not feel that we can produce the quality of show we want you to experience this season.” Many people are very upset with the decision because Dark Hour is known to be an outlet to relieve stress during the Halloween season. I myself am very disappointed that my ritual is coming to an end. Hopefully Dark Hour is able to open up next year, as we don’t know when Covid-19 will end.

       Although this is saddening news, there are plenty of haunted houses that are still opening this season. One of my other favorites is called Moxley Manor Haunted House. It is a terrifying haunted house that leaves you with nightmares. The actors are very talented and the overall presentation is amazing. They have three haunted houses in one! The first one is a basic haunted house with thin walls, the second is closed themed and they have you wear 3-D glasses, the third one is about bringing awareness to how important women are and it only has women actors! It brings the phrase “haunted house” to a different level. It opens on October 2nd with the requirement of a face covering. This haunted house is full of terror and excitement. 

I’ve gotten multiple peoples opinions on if they would attend haunted houses this year and to my surprise 18/19 said they were! It’s amazing to see how exciting this event is being able to continue for most haunted houses. I hope you guys can check it out this season, I know I’ll be there!