International movies to quench your thirst for entertainment during COVID-19


DJ Johnson, Staff Writer

Since we’re still battling coronavirus and many movies have been delayed, many people have sought after international movies to keep them entertained since many American movies were pushed back because of Covid-19.

International movies can be found on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and many more streaming services so you’re not out of luck with finding a good movie to watch. Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu also provide free subtitles, so if you watch a movie in another language you aren’t completely stumped on what the characters are saying. For example, an international children’s movie you can watch is “Spirited Away,” a Japanese film about a young girl who is whisked away to a dangerous fantasy world ruled by monsters and spirits. Another international movie for coming of age teens is “House of Hummingbird,” which is a South Korean teen drama about an eighth grader whose parents, teachers, and classmates demand academic excellence. Life both at school and at home leaves Eun-Hee wondering what more can life bring, and Eun-hee looks for happiness with her best friend and crush. But when a mysterious, caring new teacher takes over her Chinese calligraphy class, Eun-hee starts to realize what it means to be understood.

International movies give way to a very beautiful and imaginative look on the rest of the world. It can give a child a new outlook on life and persuade them to want to travel the world and meet new people and experience new opportunities and cultures presented for them to see.