How You Can Volunteer Virtually, and Opportunities Offered at iUP!

In the past few months, thanks to Covid-19, the number of online students has increased dramatically. While being a virtual student certainly has many advantages, it can present many obstacles for younger and older students alike. One thing that can often be especially difficult for home-schooled students is the ability to get out in the community and volunteer. Whether this is because these students are always busy with outside involvements or merely because of the limits that our current circumstances have placed on gatherings, sometimes volunteering as a virtual student can seem impossible! However, I can assure you that there are a variety of ways to get involved, you just have to find the right program for you!


Why Volunteer?

To begin with, why should you even volunteer? Volunteering allows you to take part in your community, and ultimately make the area, and the world a better place. Through volunteering, you gain experience, impact others, meet new people, build friendships, and learn more about the people and places around you. When applying for internships, jobs, and even eventually college, including volunteer experience on your application allows some to take a peek into your character, and who you are as a person. When you make volunteering a regular occurrence, it not only builds character but shows others that you are able to take initiative to help your surroundings and that you value things other than yourself. Aside from the incentive to impress future employers, volunteering is something that will enrich your life through the experiences you have and the people you will meet that will help you develop important people skills that will definitely help you in the long run.


How can I volunteer as a virtual student?

The first way to get involved is to look for opportunities in your local area. Many organizations, especially during these times, are in desperate need of volunteers, as they are the key ingredient to a successful recipe for a program. A simple internet search of “volunteer opportunities near me” can give you an insight into what options are available around you and how soon you can get involved.

For those who can’t get involved with in-person events, there are so many virtual volunteering options offered in our communities, and even in our school!

Our very own World Culture Club at iUniversity Prep is leading two service projects that anyone can get involved with, no matter your location or schedule.

The first service project is called ‘Chalk the Walk’ and focuses on spreading positivity through creative chalk drawings! You can draw anywhere (as long as you have permission) from a parking lot, on your street, or the path leading up your drive for those delivering packages to brighten someone’s day. Make sure to take a picture of your drawing and send it to Mrs. Ward!

The second opportunity is the Letter-Writing Service Project in which all you have to do is write a letter! World Culture Club is still figuring out the exact details of what organizations we will be in collaboration with for this project, but we need as many writers to get involved as possible! If you would be interested in helping out and volunteering with this project, you can reach out to iUP student Eve Bamber, who is helping coordinate the project, or let Mrs. Ward know you would be interested!

There are many non-profits in need of volunteers, both in-person and virtual, and the hardest task is finding the right option for you.

Once you’ve overcome that initial obstacle, you’ll find that volunteering is something that not only makes the world a better place, but it makes you a better person.

Volunteering as a virtual student is possible, it just may require a little more work, but all the same, it will enhance your life in ways you could never have imagined!