Waffle Lovers Rise!


Tyler Carroll, Staff Writer

Imagine you wake up at 8:am sharp (couldn’t be me but okay), the sun is shining, the birds are singing their favorite top 100 good morning tunes, you feel ready to start the day and decide what better way than with a quality, warm breakfast. You might choose your favorite smaller dishes, perhaps some eggs, hash browns, or some crispy vegan bacon. Suddenly, the choice that can make or break your morning meal; are you choosing waffles or pancakes?  If you don’t eat either for breakfast, pretend that you do for the sake of this article, thanks. Now before I reveal which option is correct, let’s explore both, shall we?  

Waffles, often referred to as the polite one of the two, is a light, crispy classic breakfast meal but can be eaten in reality during any time of the day. Its grid-like pattern gives it the charitable quality that shelters your syrup from the dangers of the world, particularly the concerningly bland taste of pancakes.    

Pancakes, on the other hand, are like waffles’ unsuccessful cousins. They are flat, dull, and are also very selfish as they do not care at all about the well-being and protection of your syrup. Instead, they let it fall and drop to the side like sad little syrup tears. Pancakes are also too difficult to make. They have unrealistic expectations as it is almost impossible to get a pancake in the perfect “pancake” shape. Did I already mention how waffles have syrup pockets? OH… well, I reference it again only because it’s essential. The grids in the waffles also hold your butter and, it just makes it look better than dull, selfish, and unappealing pancakes. The satisfying crunch after one mere bite of a waffle is incomparable to the mediocre slightly soggy texture of the pancakes. 

 Alright now back to the question because I’m sure you’re hungry and ready to eat: waffles or pancakes? I think the answer is quite clear: waffles! Don’t be surprised when you notice a few eyes envying your plate of delicious but slightly cold waffles due to our long yet imperative debate. You’re resilient if you still believe pancakes are better than waffles, potentially incorrect, but still, I admire your will. 


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