For all you pancake lovers out there, I am with you.


Tyler Carroll, Staff Writer

Pancakes are better than waffles- there I said it. On multiple occasions recently, I’ve witnessed people trying to slander the name of pancakes and pancake lovers. However, we are a force to be reckoned with and will not stand for such disrespect!

Sure waffles, hold your syrup but does it smooth out the butter like pancakes, NO. Instead, it clutters it and creates a mess and it’s quite unsatisfying. Pancakes may not have grids for the syrup, but the soft and fluffy texture does act as a cloud for the syrup to rest peacefully on. The so-called syrup pockets only make the waffles soggy. Also, the name waffles are quite baffling. Pancakes make more sense if you ask my personal opinion. I mean pancakes because of the cake shape, well, you know.   Many like to argue the pancakes are bland in appearance, but that is far from the truth! With waffles, you’re mostly stuck with one look, but with pancakes, you can make a variety of shapes. From cartoon characters to restaurant logos, pancakes can do it all! Can waffles do that? Probably, but not like pancakes can. And let’s be honest here waffles are just pancakes but, with grids, but you didn’t hear that from me. I would also like to point out that you do not need high fancy technology to make pancakes. Waffles require a waffle-maker, not a necessity for pancakes. And uh…The International House of Pancakes, we have that, don’t we? I mean sure there’s a Waffle House, but it’s not the same. How? Oh well, it’s-it’s just not.

Waffles unfortunately lack certain qualities that would ever make it comparable to the perfection that is pancakes.

If you still believe that waffles are better I’m impressed at your strength. However, I would be a tad bit more impressed if you have chosen pancakes but I applaud your determination.