Is AP or Dual Credit better?


DJ Johnson, Staff Writer

iUniversity Prep offers many different AP courses such as AP Geography, AP World History, and many others. Are you a student wondering whether or not you want to take AP? Or maybe you’re considering dual credit? This article is for you! We will discuss the pros and cons of both AP and Dual Credit.

The pros of taking AP classes are obvious: it gets you acquainted with the course type and load that you will be experiencing in college. They also look good on your record for when you want to apply to colleges. However, if you’re not willing to put in the effort, it may hurt your grade. AP Classes are also very time consuming, so you may need to take some thing off your schedule.

The pros of taking dual credit: taking dual credit is also a pathway to overall advancement in your education and career.  It gives you real experience for college. The cons of dual credit: colleges and universities may not transfer dual enrollment college course credits onto a freshman’s college transcript, however, this is very rare. In most instances, if anything, AP credits don’t get accepted, unlike dual credit where they are accepted 99% of the time.

AP classes and dual credit both have their downsides but overall they both give the achievement of allowing a person to understand the fundamentals of learning in various ways. So as a student at IUPrep, it’s all up to you in figuring out which path to embark on in terms of your learning.