Is takeout worth it?

DJ Johnson, Staff Writer

As a student at iUPrep, what you eat for lunch is an important part of your day, but how you get your lunch is also equally as important. In a pandemic, takeout seems like the easy way to go, as you can stay inside and quarantine while also receiving a high quality meal. That is one of the biggest upsides, but what other upsides are there? There are many upsides to takeout, including: getting the same restaurant quality without much hassle most of the time, it often costs the same or even less than a typical restaurant meal, there are many options to choose from, and it’s fast (depending on location).


While these upsides are quite intriguing, there are also some downsides to take out. Some of the downsides to takeout are: your food might be cold if your deliverer takes too long, the delivery can weigh in time which may change your quality of food, takeout’s healthier delivery options may be costly, and the delivery person may get your order wrong depending on the quality of customer service. Overall, takeout is good in some places but the placement of your location and the restaurant is what will influence this experience the most. Since the onset of the pandemic, takeout has made a comeback and ordering delivery food has become the norm for people that are quarantining or want to stay at home. So despite some flaws, takeout is the way to go if you want to stay safe and stay at home.