Naps are the essential to every student’s life



DJ Johnson, Staff Writer

Students at both iUPrep and regular brick and mortar schools know how it feels to be tired some days when you have a lot of work to do. But, you don’t want to miss school because you slept too much. So, you should do the next best thing which is taking a nap. Naps are important because it recharges your brain to be ready for the next assignment without spending a whole day sleeping.


It’s easy to take a nap and sleep through a class, which is why you should set an alarm clock for when you should wake up in time for classes. Alarm clocks are extremely important so that your nap does not go over the time you need to do work and go to class. Naps should range from the time your next class is. So, if your next class is in an hour, you should take a thirty minute nap and then you should wake up refreshed and ready to get back to work. Napping reduces fatigue, improves concentration, improves your mood and attitude, and also provides a better memory for an upcoming exam or test. Researchers have also found that mid day naps help adolescents or pre-teens overcome the lack of sleep in their life. The positive relationship between mid day naps and nighttime sleep helps teens become less sleepy during the day.


Napping for online students with a flexible schedule is very convenient so that you can be energized and relaxed for assignments.