In 1995, a children’s show aired called Animaniacs. It follows the high jinks of the Warner Brothers and the Warner sister as they cause chaos on the movie lot. The three main characters are Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, who all run around and cause chaos. But, they also have shorts and songs that are beloved to this day. That is why I believe that Hulu decided to make a brand new remake of this classic show. 

The 2020 version keeps the campy fourth wall breaking themes that we all love. It even brings back shows that were beloved in the original. It brings back Pinkey and the Brain as they try to tackle the new modern world of technology to take over the world and make it their own. They also introduce new shorts, skits, and songs. They do a recap of the past 22 years that they have been gone.

 And thats how they start out the show. Yakkos swallows a tablet and shares his findings with his siblings, or sibs for short. Thats the vibe and energy that they carry through out the show. It has seen a lot of positive feedback and people are happy that they brought back this beloved cult favorite. The goofy songs and breaks in the fourth wall reminds us all why we loved this show in the first place. Even though it was before our time, our parents bring it to us to help us with learning the states and capitols or just to make us laugh. Its a show that in 2021, fans old and new can enjoy.

So there is only one question left to ask.

What are we gonna do tomorrow brain?

The same thing we do everyday pinky, continue to love a show that gave us a reason to love its goofy antics.