Artists sharing their work


In the past there used to be one way to read a comic. You either read a comic book or read the “funnies” in the newspaper, but the times have changed. There are now so many different ways for artists to show off their skill in the comic world with the addition of online comics. There are new and different ways to share their art work. There’s Instagram, and Webtoon.

Instagram added an update a while back where you can post more than one picture at a time. You can now post up to 10 pictures in one post. This led artists to really show off their work. You could see a painting from different angles and even see a video of them painting it and then see the final product. But, there are more than one kind of artists out there. The artists who love to tell a story through comic style picture by picture now have a platform to share their work with the public where it would have a chance to be seen by a larger audience. So, they started posting strips. They could have posted little vinets or one big story that you followed day to day or week to week. It gave them a place to stretch their wings and grow a greater following.

Then there was the new app specifically for online comics, Webtoon. This app allowed artists to really develop a story and give it a following and a fan base because they were telling a full story. They were showing people beautiful art while telling a story and the amount of stories they have on the app is enough to keep you busy for days, maybe even weeks. People were so invested that they go back week to week to read the new episode of their favorite comic. 

There are a lot of ways that art has grown in the past, but I think for artists who strive to tell a story, we are finally giving them somewhere to show their work.