In the Midst of a Pandemic, Traveling is Still Possible

Eylee Pennings, Staff Writer

Traveling is a great way to see the world and explore. Whether it is a road trip, hike, or getting on a plane to see another continent or country, it is a great way to explore, make memories,  and go on outstanding adventures! Due to the pandemic, many people haven’t been able to go on airplanes, to go on trains or buses, or even really leave their house. 100% of the people tested have traveled, and 89.1% of that population miss traveling due to the pandemic. However, traveling doesn’t have to be out of the  country or even out of the continent! Traveling is simply visiting a new place and enjoying yourself!



RV Rules and Regs

Going on an RV is a great way to travel! You can visit a number of states in the U.S., visit cities in your state, or visit countries in your continent (Canada, Mexico). RV stands for recreational vehicle, and it is like a mini house on wheels. Many have bunk beds, a full bedroom, one bathroom, and a kitchen area. There are some with more features available for renting or purchasing. Your car pulls the RV, but it is illegal to walk, sleep, cook, etc. in the RV when it’s moving (if you are buckled in, however, you can). Because of this, there are RV parking/camping sites where you can sleep and stay for the night with the RV parked. 


Many RVing trips are just road trips around the United States. Make sure to get an RV that suits you or the size of the people you are going with. You might have to get two if you are traveling with a big group. You can go to all 50 states and see the wonders in each one, or take one trip to the East or West of the U.S. You can also take a trip to Canada or Mexico. A few days in each place (city, town, state, territory, province) would give you a chance to explore without taking too long.


Road Trip by Car

You can also take a road trip in just a car! This would really only work if you are driving to a specific place, but you can get creative and make other things work. Once you have a destination in mind, you can drive with meals and bathroom breaks (safe places that follow good COVID regulations) and rent an airBnB to stay in before driving back. This might not be what you had in mind, or you might not be comfortable staying in a place that isn’t your own. So, you can also take a road trip and visit different states like you would in an RV. The only problem with this, is that  sleeping in the car in the seats would get uncomfortable and it is not too good for your body. If you get up and stretch everyday on the trip, you should be fine.


Hiking, Exploring, Day Trips, Other

If these two are not options for you, you can do many other traveling experience options. Exploring in a new part of town or state is a fun thing to do! I myself go on day trips with my family and sometimes visit towns in Texas. Together, we went to Alamo, Johnson City, and sometimes we just explored downtown Austin. Going hiking in the mountains nearby or even just staying in an airbnb in a different place would work! 28% of students tested have traveled, but not out of the U.S. This means these people are familiar with either RVing, road trips, day trips, exploring, and hiking.


Traveling is a great leisure activity that 98% of iUp students love to do. COVID-19 has put a stop to traveling all over the world. Even though airports have opened back up, many are still not comfortable going on planes. However, traveling doesn’t just have to be outside of your country. RVing, road trips, day trips, hiking, and exploring new parts of your town or city are great ways to do this! 



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