Great Movies and TV Shows for All of Our Owls

Eylee Pennings, Staff Writer

Sometimes picking out movies or TV shows to watch can be.. Well, difficult. However, there are so many great options out there! So, grab your popcorn, grab the remote and get comfy; it’s MOVIE NIGHT!


5th Graders

There are tons of movies and series waiting for 5th graders to click that button on the remote and watch them!

  • A Series of Unfortunate Events is a series based off of the books by Lemony Snicket that tells about the life of three siblings. Their parents have died in a fire, and they have to be tossed around from home to home with the evil Count Olaf following in their tracks. Watch now to join the Baudelaire children in a series of countless unfortunate events.
  • The Worst Witch, a retake of a classic 80’s movie, is a great series about a normal girl who finds herself to have magic! She is accepted in Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches and makes new friends and encounters many obstacles along the way.
  • Carmen Sandiego is about a spy named Carmen who goes on many missions with the help of her friends. For the most part, she works alone and she’s all about style and adventure!
  • MythBusters is an informational science show about busting urban legends in science. Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage set up projects and experiments to test to do so. 
  • Last Kids on Earth is also a great TV series for 5th graders. This show is about a zombie and monster apocalypse in Jack Sullivan’s town. He and his friends must fight for survival and beat the villains to save his hometown. Will they succeed? Watch it to find out!
  • Healing Powers of Dude is among some of the greatest movies for fifth graders out there! 11-year-old Noah has social anxiety and needs Dude, an emotional support dog, to help him. As their journey advances, they find out that they both need each other equally. Watch Noah discover something amazing with his special mutt on Netflix! 
  • Inbestigators is all about four kids who start a detective agency and solve some puzzling cases. Join Maudie, Ezra, Kyle, and Ava in some detective work!


6th Graders +

Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many other programs have hundreds of great options for this age group!

  • Malibu Rescue and Malibu Rescue: The Series is an amazing thing to watch when in 6th or 7th grade! The movie and series are about a group of junior lifeguards from “The Valley”. With teamwork and practice, they try to first become junior lifeguards and then to beat the resident kids from the California coast!
  • Free Rein is a TV series on Netflix about a girl named Zoe who stays at her grandfather’s house in the country. During the visit, she meets a horse named Raven who    completely changes her life. With the help of Raven, Zoe tackles and overcomes obstacles, makes new friends, and learns to get back up when she falls.
  • Alexa and Katie is a story about two best friends named Alexa Mendoza and Katie Cooper. They are starting their senior year in high school when Alexa is diagnosed with cancer. Together, they battle life and love in this Netflix TV series.
  • All About the Washingtons, a fun comedy for all ages, shows the life of this family as the wife of a legendary rapper, launches her own career. Together the Washingtons go through many obstacles and must overcome them all.
  • Family Reunion is about a family in Seattle who visit their relatives for a yearly family reunion. During this year’s visit, the family decides to call this place their new home! Join the Mckellan’s on a series of difficulties in Georgia as they get used to their new home.
  • The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia is all about a genius named Ashley who has her PHD at the age of 15! She moves across the U.S. to live with her uncle after getting a job at NASA. She reconnects with an old friend and meets some new ones as she discovers love and friendships for the first time. Join Ashley on this rollercoaster of discovery, and not only in the space world!
  • The Big Show Show tells about a famous wrestler, The Big Show, retires and goes through the difficulties of raising his family. He invites his daughter Lola to come live with them, and J.J and Mandy, (daughters of Show) deal with a new life with their step-sister. It isn’t easy for Show’s wife, Cassie, to have a new addition to the family either. Watch on Netflix to see the journey of this family!
  • Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event. This is a TV series that includes the four previous TV series. Four different worlds collide in this special series with different stories of competition from these different comedy shows.

As you can see, there are many great movies and TV shows for all kinds of audiences out there! From fantasy, realistic fiction, sci-fi, action, and so much more! I hope you enjoy each and every one of these great options!


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