The New Marvel Series Going Viral



If any of you have watched the Marvel movies before, you are probably aware of the New Marvel series: WandaVision! The first two episodes premiered on January 15, 2021! If you’re a fan, sit tight; you’re about to take a journey into the world of WandaVision (CAUTION: May contain spoilers!)


We are all aware that Vision is dead because of what happened in Endgame. However, this TV series shows Vision up and alive. Each episode takes us through a different decade, 1st it was a 50’s sitcom, then 60’s, the 70’s and with color, and the fourth episode gave us more clues as to what is happening in this startling series.


The first two episodes were more of a comedy/reality TV show kind of thing. There were a couple clues you might’ve picked up-if you have a sharp eye. 

  • Wanda doesn’t have an accent anymore. 
  • Wanda and Vision’s house is completely different, but they don’t even notice! 
  • The watch on one of the commercials says Strucker!!!!
  • Mrs. Hart was at the fundraiser, but Mr. Hart isn’t.
  • The radio called out her name, “Wanda, who’s doing this to you?”


In the 3rd episode, Agnes and Herb revealed that Geraldine had no home. They were on the brink of revealing something big, but they didn’t give any more information. We also learned that Geraldine knew about Ultron which hinted towards something big! She was wearing a necklace with a sword on it, along with the beekeeper and the mini airplane in the bush. During the 4th episode, we learned that Geraldine is actually Monica Rambeau who got trapped inside the mysterious town of West View, that the airplane was sent from the normal world, many of the clues from previous episodes were explained and we were learned a bit about S.W.O.R.D, the new group of operatives alongside with S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra. This episode proved many many fans’ theories to be right! 


There are so many theories that have been concocted during each and every one of the episodes. Every Friday, my sisters and I watch WandaVision, and we always talk about our theories after it’s done. Here are some we came up with:

  • Wanda created a world to get away from her grief of Vision’s death (hence why she kicked out Geraldine–she knew of Ultron and wasn’t part of her imaginary world).
  • Is Wanda the bad guy?
  • S.W.O.R.D is trying to protect Wanda.
  • The fictional world of WandaVision is a side effect of the blip.
  • The WandaVision world has something to do with Endgame.
  • Vision doesn’t know his own death, maybe it isn’t really Vision?
  • We saw the commercials-Is Stark Industries Bad?

WandaVision is the first TV series in phase 4 of MCU, and so far lots of fans are loving it! Be sure to watch the next episode, and come up with some theories of your own! 


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