There are many people who in the spring have a very busy schedule. People are getting ready to graduate and move on to the next chapter in their life, but what about the people whose lives ease up a bit? What are they gonna do this spring? Well, always a good option is to pick up a good book. There are many books new and old that you can sit outside and enjoy the weather while being sucked into a new world. 

A nice book to read during the springtime is Louis Carol’s Alice in Wonderland. This classic book takes you on a wild ride through a world of its own. It takes you through the curious wanderings of Alice as she interacts with the people of this strange land. There are talking rabbits, flowers that sing, and a queen who will chop your head off at the drop of a mad hatters hat. This is a great book to dive into this spring.

If that crazy fantasy world just isn’t for you, there are many more books for you to read this spring. You can read a realistic novel. I think a great author in this realm of storytelling is John Green. He writes realistic romance novels that would be considered PG 13 so if you are to read any of his amazing stories talk to your parents first. Any of his books would be an amazing path to take this spring. If it’s a happy or sad one. Older or newer. He is a great author to look at. 

Now I know that I didn’t give you 10 different books to read, but I really wanted this to be more of a reminder that you should immerse yourself in a book. Whether it’s a classic like Pride and Prejudice or Gone with the Wind or a new book like a poetry book. Spring is a great time to read. Read a book outside, while drinking a nice cup of tea and enjoying the breeze. Just read.