Introducing the OWLSOME team of HOOTorials!

If you haven’t heard yet, HOOTorials is the all new and revived peer tutoring group at iUniversity Prep. Inside this tutoring group are students who are dedicated to their academics, extracurriculars, and helping other students out. Who is this very dedicated team of students might you ask? Let us introduce some of your Owlsome Owl Tutors! 


Dawson Baker, a 5th grader, joined Owl Tutors because he likes helping other students learn. He also likes to fish, hangout with friends, and play sports such as baseball and hockey. 


Addison Wiley, a 6th grader, joined Owl Tutors because she likes helping people. Outside of school, she likes doing theatre and gymnastics.


Ashley Marcus, a 6th grader, became an Owl Tutor because she liked assisting other Owls at iUPrep. She is an avid writer and reader, and she also enjoys theatre and soccer.


Eylee Pennings, a 6th grader, loves to learn and help others learn as well, which is why she joined Owl Tutors. She enjoys sports, playing with her sisters and dogs, cooking, baking, reading, writing, learning, and helping to tutor owls! 


Maren Moore, a 6th grader, joined Owl Tutors because she loves helping people. Maren also has previous tutoring experience;at her elementary school, she would mentor kids in 4th and 5th grade, going to other classrooms to help students. This has always felt rewarding to her and therefore she would like to help kids again. In her free time, she likes to play soccer and football. 


Maya Shariff, a 7th grader, said, “I love being an Owl Tutor because I enjoy helping people and spreading my knowledge with other people. I really like to help kids, and in the past I have tutored some younger kids; I even helped some kids with disabilities in the areas of reading, writing, and math. I think this would be a great opportunity for not just me but also the people who I am tutoring.” Tutoring is nothing new to Maya, as she has been a Teacher’s Assistant for special needs kids at her past school. Activities she enjoys include gymnastics, playing the piano, biking, writing, and crocheting. 


Tessa Bradley, a 7th grader, used Owl Tutors as an opportunity to help others and gain some service hours for NJHS while doing so. Outside of school, she likes writing her novel as well as being a Sith (a Dark Side user). She also has three cats. 


Abigail Shaw, a freshman, is an aspiring teacher who wants to gain experience with working with other students. She likes drawing, riding dirt bikes, listening to music, and reading. 


Brooke Bolinger, a freshman, became an Owl Tutor because she loves working with others, especially in areas of school and academics. Outside of iUPrep, Brooke has a loaded schedule with both tennis and fitness. As said by Brooke, “Every week I do fitness, weight lifting, footwork, and training for tennis. I also play tournaments on the weekends and have gotten 2nd and 3rd in the two I have played this year.” Off the tennis court, Brooke says that she loves reading, writing, painting, and any kind of arts and crafts project. She also loves playing with her puppy and two kitties. Additionally, she enjoys playing the piano when she has time, and is currently learning the Harry Potter theme song. 


Eve Bamber, a freshman, said that, “After tutoring in the past, I’ve found how much I’ve enjoyed working with students and how awesome it is to see others succeed by helping them get to the best place possible academically. Aside from this, I feel I work well with others, and I’m extremely organized. Ultimately, I love helping people, I love school, and I feel that becoming an Owl Tutor would be an awesome combination of my strengths!” Outside of school, Eve enjoys volunteering in her community, helping others, reading, hanging out with friends, and spending time outside! A quote she constantly reminds herself of is, “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.” (John Templeton). 


Nhi Nguyen, a senior, likes to play volleyball, paint, read, and write. A fun fact from Nhi: “Did you know that tigers have striped skin, not just striped fur?”


Here are some words of encouragement, quotes, and mottos from these Owlsome tutors!


“When one door shuts, go for another.” (Dawson Baker)


 “Just keep pushing through, school may seem tough sometimes but we’re all in this together.” (Addison Wiley)


 “Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon. Go for it. Even if you don’t think it will ever happen. The worst thing in the world is if you regret not trying, even if you try and fail.” (Ashley Marcus)

“Carpe Diem, live in the moment! When school-work gets hard, it can be frustrating! I know how it feels to get stuck on a hard question, and that is the main reason I became an Owl Tutor: to make sure that you guys don’t!” (Eylee Pennings)


“Don’t tell me the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon.” (Maren Moore)


“Fight to get through it, fight to win. ” (Maya Shariff)


“Life is more than one mountain, there are multiple highs and lows.” (Abigail Shaw)


“Always keep pushing through, no matter how hard it may be. Determination will help you to reach and accomplish your dreams.” (Brooke Bolinger)


“Don’t be afraid to reach out for help! Us Owls are always supporting each other, and I’m so glad I get to be a part of HOOTorials!” (Eve Bamber)


“If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.” (Nhi Nguyen)


(Note: This is not the entire team of Owl Tutors, some tutors did not want to be featured in this article)


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