How does Instagram keep Gen Z’s interest?

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Through the past few years many of our generations’ favorite apps have gone through some changes. From the logo to the set up to even being more like other social media apps, Instagram has done a good job at keeping up with our fast moving youth. But are these changes really best for the app itself? Looking at how much time we spend on our phones, I can say yes. They have done a good job at constantly updating their app by making new features that bring it past other apps that have similar features. Instagram now has reels like an app like TikTok. They have stories like Snapchat. They have an ability for longer more in depth captions and comments then Twitter. And let’s be honest, we have no idea how Facebook works, but they have a market place now that truly caters to your wants. These additions help content creators constantly put out new things and constantly have new things for us to scroll through. It even gives a place for small business owners to show off and promote their products, and many of them do. Schools now have Instagram pages where they can show what’s going on in the school, boast about a competition or game, and even just stay up to date on what we are seeing. There are so many uses for an app like Instagram that it makes it truly an app that has everything we need in an entertainment app. That’s not to say it’s always good. No social media app is always good. It’s hard to make sure your content is appropriate for your age, but you always have the option to flag it because it’s inappropriate. Or, even just say, “I’m not interested in content like this.” So, the next time you scroll through Instagram, maybe you will appreciate it just a little more.