How did iUniversity Prep achieve this rank?

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most students didn’t even know what an online school was. So many people were accustomed to the American school stereotype that they didn’t even know that a school outside of it could exist. Students thought that the mediocre education that they were getting in their brick-and-mortar schools was the best that they were ever going to get. This all changed when many parents showed their kids this school called iUniversity Prep.


Online schooling has completely changed the way many have thought about education. The standard of learning here is so amazingly high that they find it unbelievable that they did not know about it before. One reason why schooling is so much better here at IUP is that the teachers are so nice and helpful, they understand the course that you are going through and what challenges you can face along the way. Because of this, most of your questions about the lesson curriculum can be answered by the teachers, and not only do they do that, they also give you an in-depth explanation of it so that you don’t make the same mistake next time. For example, many parents have given glowing reviews to this school establishment on the Niche website, where iUP received this rank. Something that continuously points out is how great the teachers here are along with classes offered along with the tech skills students graduate with. 


The online layout of this school also makes it easier for those students who are highly involved in competitive sports and do not have the time for Brick-and-Mortar schools because of the high amount of busy work that they supply you with. The classes at IUP are highly flexible as you can work ahead very easily because most of the lessons get straight to the point so you can maximize the most amount of important information that your brain is taking in. This can really help you take notes because you don’t have to dodge all of the usual boring things that brick-and-mortar schools include in their lesson textbooks. This allows students to absorb all of the important information while not even letting the boring and useless information confuse them about the lesson that they are learning. 


Overall, it is quite obvious that an amazing school like iUniversity Prep was ranked so high nationally because of its quality of education and its outstanding teachers and lesson curriculum. It is truly a gift to come across this amazing school, so don’t take its high-quality education for granted.



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