The “featured” Feature BOE of the Month

During the month of March, Nhi Nguyen was recognized as BOE of the month, a dazzling award which she very much so deserved!! In her first year of iHoot, already as an editor nonetheless, Nhi managed to win this award even while competing with many other editors. This multi-talented senior never stops being the best she can be,  no matter what comes her way.  Despite being good at all that she puts her mind to, and continuing to try her hand at many activities, Nhi doesn’t have to attempt to be a magnificent owl; she already is.

Nhi, the Feature Section editor here at iUniversity, revises and edits articles to perfection. When I submitted my first article to the Feature Section, Nhi presented relative feedback and valuable criticism. My article improved a great deal with Nhi’s helpful insight! She always takes time out of her day to help our owls with feature stories, but Nhi’s love for polishing pieces of writing doesn’t stop at school; she enjoys helping her siblings edit their stories at home as well.

As a sharp and bright senior who excels in her classes, studying long hours is present in her daily routine. By the end of the year, Nhi will be graduating high school and venturing off to college soon, attending either UTA (University of Texas at Arlington) or TCU (Texas Christian University). Even though we will miss her and she will miss iUP, she has learned so much from this flexible, online school. Time management and not procrastinating are two valuable lessons that Nhi will carry with her to the new and exciting next chapter of her life!

Even with academics taking up a lot of her time, Nhi still makes time for her family; a total of 10 siblings! With 9 younger and 1 older, she is used to a chaotic household.  6 of the younger siblings are girls, 3 are boys, and the oldest is a boy (also an iUPrep Alumni). Interestingly enough, Nhi and her family have a foreign exchange student staying at their house. She has no pets besides fish, saying that “My younger siblings are much more chaotic than a pet”.

Nhi has a bunch of things to do in school; outside of school is the same story. She has tried her hand at many athletics and has focused on volleyball more prominently. She also is prominent in the area of art, with painting pictures that look like photographs. Even with juggling all that, she manages to be an amazing BOE and always manages to shine through her skills of editing and writing.

Nhi always proves to be exceptional at everything she does; between editing, academics, and participating in her activities, she is impressive in every area of her life. After all, the “featured” Feature BOE of the Month has long deserved the spotlight.