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Artists of today come in so many different shapes and sizes. So different from the tortured type, creative people of today rule the world. There are artists creating computers and finding better ways to run our world. Artists who are using their voice to bring light to injustice in every community. 

The word artist used to mean a painter or someone who drew pictures of what they saw or felt. Now, artist is the word used for creative people. Dancers, singers and creators are all artists of today. They create beautiful pieces of art that they put into the world. They show the hurt, beauty, and absolute real life in our world. And we can look through their eyes. We can even laugh, smile and cry with them. 

In addition to the mass community of artists we also have so many ways to share our art now. Instagram, Facebook, Etsy and YouTube are the main ones. Painters, seamstresses and creators of all kinds sell their art work on Etsy. Dancers and singers post videos of them working on or final products of projects they are working on Youtube and Instagram. And though thought to be for the older community, so many artists are joining groups and getting in touch with one another through Facebook. 

All of these are new ways artists are changing the world. I think in the near future we will all be artists in one way or another. We could be breaking boundaries and set standards by using creative wrecking balls. So to all the artists: keep creating and break through everything in your way to create.