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The “You Are Owlsome” club here at iUniversity Prep started with a simple idea of spreading kindness throughout our school. Started by Kati Moffett, Enya Ratkic, and Sarah Jagnow, the small idea has blossomed into a school-wide act of generosity. We’ve received 115 responses so far, with 12 of those being in the month of May.  We truly appreciate everyone’s kindness and couldn’t be more proud of our fellow students here at iUP! If you would like to submit an act of kindness, please use this form. We will provide a list of all responses we receive each month. That being said, here are all the response we received for the month of May-


Dakota Manning told Mrs. Briggs, Mrs. Palmer, Mr. Clarke, Mrs. D’Aliso, Mr. Carter, and Mr. Duban, “I want to thank all of my teachers’ for everything they have done to help me this past school year. They have helped me when I have had questions and they make class exciting and fun. They are available whenever I need them (and even if they aren’t they make time to speak with me) and answer my questions as fast as they can. I appreciate each and everyone of them. I could not imagine going to any other school then this one. IUP is always going to be the school I think of when I picture the perfect school, and that is because of all the incredible teachers/staff. Thank you so much again for all your help!”


Makenna Horn told Mrs. Ward, Mrs. Pearson, Mr. Rains, and Mrs. Dehnel, “I’d like to thank these teachers for always making live lesson fun and super helpful! These teachers are always super sweet and help me out whenever I need it. I’m so glad IUP has so many incredible teachers.”


Natalie McLaren told all of her teachers, “Thank you all for your hard work this year! It’s my first year at iUPrep and because of you fabulous teachers, I have loved every second of my journey 🙂 I can’t wait to have/interact with all of you again soon!! Happy summer beautiful humans 🤠”


Ben Jackson told Mr. Betancur, Mrs. Jones, Mr. Burch, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Beakley, and Mrs. Solano, “Thank you for helping me get though the first year of high school. This year was strange and at times rough but we made it and I can’t thank you enough for the help and support this year.”


Kat told all of her teachers, “Thank you to all of my teachers I have had for the past 5 years of attending this school I am grateful to all of you!! Y’all are awesome!! Hope you have a great break can’t wait for next year!!”


Elliot Bragg told Mrs. Palmer, “Mrs. Palmer I am really happy to have you as a teacher and you are super nice and such an AMAZING person. I am glad to have you as my teacher and will be sad if I do not come back. Have a great rest of your week. BYE!!!”


Zoey told Mr. Carter, “I was really behind on schoolwork and he told me to think positively and now I am almost done with work”


McKenna Hietbrink told Emily DeMotte and Nathan Janak, “Emily and Nathan are great friends and students! They are so much fun to talk to and play roblox with. I love staying up until 3 AM on our facetime calls and I’m happy to call them my besties🤪 love y’all the most<3”


Keith told Kat, “I know I’m really dry, but thank you for always trying to start up conversations and for being there always”


Thomas Clark told Cheyenne Manning, “You make my day everytime we talk. You are the absolute nicest person I have met and you make live lessons great.”


Jessamine Ladera told Mrs. Carlin, “I have loved your art class since the first day! I’ve loved just relaxing in there and doing and sharing some fun art! And now I’ve gotten a whole lot better at my art and I’m super proud! I really hope that you’re my art teacher next year too! I hope you have a lovely summer!”


Evelyn Cook told everybody, “Let’s finish out strong everybody! We only have 9 school days left including today!!!!!!!!! YOU got this!!!!!”