How do the leaders do it?


The Captains of the Ship 

Written by McKinnley Rupp 

Rewritten and Edited by Juliana Mun 


iHoot is an unstoppable force. 


Everybody knows that with more students joining every year and incredible articles being posted to the iHoot page, it is only getting better! But have you ever wondered what it would be like to lead as the editor-in-chief of iUPrep’s biggest club? Our friends, Eve Bamber and Natalie McLaren can answer your question. They’re two striving, responsible highschool students, who do more and beyond for themselves and the team, while keeping a healthy balance in their lives. How do they do it, you ask? 


Read more to find out. 

Extraordinarily Eve 

Written by Juliana Mun 


Some people are just naturally meant to lead. 


One of those people is star student, Eve Bamber, a sophomore truly pure of heart. She is an immigrant, coming all the way from Australia, who hasn’t let cultural differences stop her from always giving her best in everything she does. She loves cooking, burying herself into a book in her free time, and has deemed it an honor to be the Editor in Chief of our paper. When asked about how this job impacted her life, she said “No matter the workload, being an EIC (Editor in Chief) has impacted my life in the best way possible.” and even though it may not be required, she said she knew “[she] would contribute 110% at all times.” 


Eve takes on a lot of responsibility as a leader and often has work spill into her weekends, which can put her under a lot of stress. She says it’s a “matter of taking time just to stop.” This is a very true piece of advice. When things get too stressful, you need to stop and take a breather. Though being an Editor in Chief goes beyond attending meetings or just writing articles, Eve finds time to destress. For example, she exercises in order to get her body moving, and socializes so she can tend to her mental health. Just because she has a lot of responsibility doesn’t mean she drops things that are necessary for herself. 


When confronted with the topic of leadership, Eve said that being a leader is “someone who is ultimately willing to take time for others, to not only help them, but learn from them as well”, continuing to say that leaders should be “exhibiting kindness as much as [they] possibly can.” It is clear that Eve’s values in what a leader should be carries on to how she leads iHoot. She is always kind, always helpful, but is also never afraid to admit she might be wrong. We should follow Eve’s example by being leaders in our everyday lives, whether it’s leading a group project when everyone’s lost, or helping someone out because you care for their well being. Leading is not always a loud, spotlight worthy thing. A lot of times it’s the quiet things you might do in your everyday life. 


Eve concludes the interview, by giving our readers some encouragement: “If you have the passion and drive, don’t stress about the other skills, as the rest will follow with practice.” Eve is just like any of us, but it was with practice and hard work that she became as extraordinary as she is today. 


All Eyes on Natalie    

Written by McKinnley Rupp 

Rewritten and edited by Juliana Mun 


Natalie McLaren is a wonder to behold. 


Along with preparing for a singing performance at Carnegie Hall, Natalie holds ten years of piano experience, three years of journalism, and a theater kid spirit all on her back with her demanding role of Editor in Chief. It may seem like she can do everything and that her accomplishments pile up so she’s sitting on a throne too high to reach, but as we look deeper into her life, we see that’s not true at all. 


Natalie, like a lot of us, also has to destress from all her tiring activities. She often does this by watching TV, talking with her mom, praying or snuggling up in a corner just to immerse herself in writing. When asked about her role as Editor in Chief, she did admit that it is a time consuming job, and to sign up to a position like that, you have to be willing to put in the extra effort. But, she also said, “It taught [her] to pick up the slack,” and “it just made [her] a happier person overall”, adding that the best part is getting to work with her friends and fellow writers that she can coach. 


Outside of school, things for Natalie are very hectic. She often meets up with her retirement home buddy, which she commented, “showed [her] what true service is” and makes sure to also designate some time to communicate with friends through platforms like discord. She loves singing, playing piano, writing, and of course, leading . Being an extroverted person, Natalie enjoys spending time with people and for her, “[she] just wants to help people.” which is shown in her actions as she always prioritizes helping in every situation. 


For Natalie, being a leader means listening, which she emphasizes is the most important thing to remember. She even admitted that at first she wasn’t the best listener either as she loves to talk and share her own ideas to the group, which can make her forget to reciprocate. Being an Editor in Chief taught her a lot about the art of listening and she advised, “If you want to be listened to, you gotta do most of the listening”. And with listening, Natalie also learned about asking for help and answering to her peers in a positive way. Overall, the experience of leading the team has helped her improve a lot of her skills. This shows us that even though you think you’ve mastered yourself, there’s always room for improvement!


Natalie may seem fine on the surface, but she also feels overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious sometimes like all of us do. With senior year coming up on the horizon, and many of her roles taking up a lot of her time, she says she has to remind herself “that she’s human.” and give “[herself] some grace.” This is an amazing way to conclude, as Natalie’s piece of advice should stay with everyone. 


Everybody’s human: Even the leaders take charge in the front. 


Leading Your Own Ship 

Written by Juliana Mun 


There are so many things that we have to balance everyday and sometimes it seems like we can’t do it, while those in the spotlight can. 


The truth is everyone struggles with finding their balance and their center in the midst of craziness, which is why we can always learn from good examples. Eve and Natalie have piles of work on their shoulders, with planning and organizing for the team, but they show us that it’s not impossible. Leaders aren’t superheroes. They’re people who decided to step into tough places to sacrifice for the better good of the team. 


So if Eve and Natalie are just normal people, doesn’t that mean you can also do what they do? 


Exactly. Anyone can be a leader with the right attitude.