iUP Owl’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Brooke Bolinger, Eyes On Owls Section Editor

Christmas is a wonderful time full of happiness and joy. Families come together and celebrate the season, laughter and excitement filling the air. Once winter hits, one special tradition many people enjoy is snuggling under a warm blanket and grabbing a cup of hot cocoa while watching entertaining Christmas movies.

There are many Christmas movies to watch, ranging from old classics like White Christmas and It’s A Wonderful Life, to Christmas comedies like Home Alone and Christmas with the Kranks. These timeless joys are full of Christmas spirit, sending a thrill of excitement to those watching


Popular Christmas Movies

Home Alone

Home Alone was released on November 16, 1990. It features Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister, a young boy with a very large family that causes lots of chaos in his house. The night before his family leaves for Paris, he is sent to the attic bedroom for his rude behaviors. When he wakes up, his family has left him, his wish to be alone coming true. He is filled with excitement and does anything an 8-year-old boy would when left alone, but his happiness dulls when he finds out that 2 burglars have come to rob the house. It’s up to Kevin to protect his home, and himself. This hilarious comedy is one that fills people’s homes with laughter, and one that can be watched over and over again. Home Alone 2 came out on November 19th, 1992, and other versions have been released as well, including Home Sweet Home Alone on November 12th, 2021.



Elf was released on October 9, 2003, starring Will Ferrel as Buddy. Buddy has been raised by elves since he was a toddler when he was accidentally transported to the North Pole. He is now an adult and wishes to see the world in which he belongs. He travels to New York to find his real father, with chaotic results that are sure to bring laughs.


Christmas with the Kranks

With their daughter out of the house, Luther and Nora Krank decide to skip Christmas and take a vacation to the Caribbean instead. Unfortunately, their neighbors are obsessed with Christmas and do not agree with their choice. The Kranks get into even bigger trouble when their daughter calls to say she is coming home and expects their annual Christmas party to be in full swing when she arrives. This is a hilarious movie filled with crazy twists that only the Kranks would be able to get through.


iUP Owl’s Favorites


Dawson Baker watches Christmas movies year-round, but his favorite is Home Alone. He says he “loves the pranks” and that it “always puts him in a Christmas mood.” 


Emma Powell’s favorite is Home Alone. She says “I’ve watched it ever since I was little and it’s been a tradition in my family to watch it every year on Christmas.” She goes on to say “Home Alone has impacted me in a way that makes me feel a lot of joy and happiness during Christmas and reminds me of how important family really is!’


Helena duPlessis says her favorite is Muppet Family Christmas. She goes on to say, “It’s a good blend of being quirky and funny, while still being heart-warming and generally Christmas-y. It really helps get us into the Christmas feeling, and just makes us happy. It’s just nice to watch and/or have in the background while doing other festive things.”


Elf is Mrs. William’s favorite movie. She says “I love the movie Elf because I appreciate the innocence and naiveté that Buddy the Elf brings to our world. Sometimes we can get bogged down with the holidays and watching Elf reminds me that Christmas can be a magical time and to look at it through the eyes of my kids. Elf makes me want to create a magical Christmas for my kids that they will remember with just the simple things like decorating the house, making cookies, and singing Christmas songs.”


Mrs. Pearson also loves Elf saying “It just makes me laugh, and it’s hard not to be happy after a good belly laugh.”


Another Elf lover is Carissa Holguin. She says “Elf teaches us to seek out the joy in every moment. It shows that, during this holiday season, we have the choice to spread happiness and love.”



Our Owls have many favorites and are ones that we can enjoy for many years to come. These movies bring us joy and happiness and get us into the spirit of Christmas. As the season rolls around, find a movie that you enjoy and maybe it will become a new tradition!