iUniversity Prep In the Eyes of A First Year Student

Whether you are a first-year student or a veteran owl at iUniversity Prep, you know that there are undeniable advantages to our school. From flexibility to the best teachers and staff, iUP is a school that cares truly about its students. Each owl has their own personal reasons why they chose to attend iUP. Some people have intense schedules for sports or acting, and some just wanted a change in environment from being stuck sitting in a building for 8 hours. I interviewed one of iUniversity Prep’s brightest first-year students to see why they chose iUP. 


Meet our interviewee, Chloe Pittard!


Chloe Pittard is a cheerful and positive student at iUniversity Prep. She will be responding to some questions about being a first-year student. However, before we dive further into these questions, let’s let Chloe introduce herself!


“Hiiii I’m Chloe Pittard, this is my first year at iUniversity Prep, and it is my sophomore year of high school! I am very passionate about God, I love Jesus, and I have a relationship with Him outside of my religion. I am also very passionate about dance. I have been dancing for 9 years on drill teams and competitive teams. My favorite types are contemporary and jazz, [and] I enjoy coming up with combos to do at home just for fun as well!”


In addition to these passions, Chloe also loves to volunteer. She says “I love volunteering in the community. I’m involved in an organization called National Charity League, which is a non-profit organization designed to encourage community service and volunteering opportunities for mothers and daughters. iUniversity allows me to have so many more opportunities to volunteer through NCL, such as morning shifts at Grace food pantry that I wouldn’t be able to do at an in-person school. I’m very involved in my church’s youth group, including being a representative for our church in the East DCYM (District Council of Youth Ministries).” 


She adds “I’m hoping to go to college in Colorado, It’s funny to say “I’m a Colorado girl, born in Texas!” I really enjoy taking advantage of every moment and living life to the fullest, so in my free time I spend time with family and friends (whether that’s on the phone or going to hang out with them), spend time having fun out in nature, and journaling about my daily adventures!”


Why iUP?


If you are a veteran owl at iUP you may have forgotten why you joined iUP in the first place. Many students joined because they have intensely packed days with sports or other extracurricular activities. Chloe is clear on why she came to iUniversity Prep. 


She states “I came to iUniversity Prep because it was the right fit for me after discovering what worked best for me during COVID. I moved to a private Christian school halfway through 8th grade, then 4 weeks at that school and we all got put on lockdown from COVID! Ever since then, I have been online!”


While her private school did move to online schooling like iUP, there were differences between the two schools   “The format for online school at that private school, in 9th grade, was very different than iUniversity. I had to log on at 8:00 am, and sit through each live-streamed class while printing the worksheets at home to work on during the lessons. I was the only one online, except for when people got quarantined, so I had to sit the whole class just watching the screen when I wasn’t working or taking notes.”


This experience opened her eyes as to why iUP could be the best fit for her. “Because I got my notes and work done before class was over, I was able to get ahead on work. I realized I was getting all my work and homework done by noon, but still had to sit through classes. That’s one reason how I knew a school (like iUniversity) where I could get my work done in my own time would be super beneficial and freeing! Also, as I mentioned before, my whole family and I love Colorado so I’m so thankful to be at a school that allows me to go up there whenever I am able to!”


From brick-and-mortar to virtual:


For many students, there is a learning curve to transition to an online environment. Some students may struggle as they are not used to working on a computer. Even small aspects such as Live Lessons or communicating through email can be difficult to learn and get comfortable with. 


However, Chloe did not have some of these struggles. As you may recall, her private school went online because of COVID-19. In her situation, this could have been a blessing in disguise as she now attends our fully online school. “Transitioning to an online environment in 8th grade was hard, yes, but it wasn’t hard transitioning to iUniversity because I had already had a year and a half experience online. I’m not gonna lie, the summer of ’21 before I started at iUniversity, I was very nervous. I had no idea what to expect from a school that was completely online. So far this school has done an incredible job at allowing for students to feel independent, organized, and involved with the iUP community. All nerves disappeared my first day here, and ever since then I’ve felt at home!”


All the benefits:


From flexibility to amazing teachers, there are so many ways that this school benefits each and every student. Let’s hear the benefits from a real iUniversity student. 


One thing, however, that is a bit different from brick-and-mortar schools is communication. Chloe touches on this by saying “If you know me, you know I am a very social person. I was very skeptical about that because I wasn’t sure how an online school would allow me to have a good social life. Again, I had no idea what to expect. As I got involved at iUniversity, I have made so many amazing friends that I am just beyond grateful the Lord brought into my life. I especially appreciate the Owl Pals for new students. Mrs. Williams encouraged me to sign up for a pal before school started, little did I know my Pal would become one of my best friends!” 


She goes on to say, “Along with school friends, I am able to still see my friends outside of school once their school is over because I usually already have my schoolwork done! If I had a penny for every time I have recommended iUniversity to an outside-of-school friend, I’d have…well I would just have a lot of pennies!! iUniversity allows students to be as involved in the owl community as they want to be, including having such a huge variety of clubs to fit almost everyone’s interests.”


Chloe also mentions the unique flexibility that iUP allows students to have. “Another thing about online school that I’m sure most people agree is fabulous, the flexible schedule! I try to join as many Live Lessons as I’m able to, but if I’m not able to join it’s wonderful to be able to rewatch them later. I can also move my school schedule according to what I have scheduled each day. For example, I know on Wednesdays my LL’s are in the late afternoon, so I might not start work until early afternoon so that I can get it all done in the afternoon instead of spreading out throughout the day. I also enjoy working out as much as I’m able to, so if I get up, get ready, and get my schoolwork done in the morning so that I can have lunch and workout, sometimes I join LL’s during my stretching time. Then I’m engaging in-class conversations…while in the splits! Online school has changed my perspective of day-to-day life. I’ve learned how to truly use my time and resources beneficially!”


How has the experience been so far?


When Chloe was asked about how her experience at iUP has been so far, she said “My experience here so far has been truly, truly wonderful. Because of iUniversity, sophomore year has probably been my favorite school year so far. I have the freedom to be able to work on what I want to work on when I want to! Since I’ve started driving, I’ve also loved having the opportunity to do schoolwork at local libraries, my grandparents’ house, or even just outside on our patio. Being online is also making me feel very prepared for college. I had to take it upon myself to create my own daily schedules, write down my assignments, and manage my time wisely (hehe Wisely).”


Future years:


If you were to ask current iUP students what their plan is, the majority would say that they want to stay at this school until they walk the stage to graduate. Chloe shares this same idea. 


“I 100% plan on attending iUniversity next year, and until I graduate! As I continue to get to know people in the owl community and learn more about this school, I am looking forward to all the new opportunities to get involved!” 


Leadership is also a factor that makes our school so great. iUP lets students shine as being a leader of clubs and activities. There is a role for everyone who wants to step up and lead. Chloe states “Being a leader is something I take pride in being, and I’m hoping to be able to have a role in some type of leadership position as I finish off my last couple years in high school! Also, the teachers here are absolutely fantastic. They each care individually about each of their students, and they make us all feel welcome and included!” 


She sums everything up by saying “In summary, online school at iUniversity prep has honestly benefited my physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. I have learned so many life skills that I will take with me everywhere I go. I am truly proud to be an iUP Owl. Go Owls!!”


All in all:


While there are many options for school, such as brick-and-mortar or private, one school happens to stand out the most. iUniversity Prep is more than a school to its students; it’s opportunities to lead, to communicate with students and teachers anywhere or anytime, and to have a custom schedule that allows students to learn when and where they desire. Now that you have heard from one of iUniversity Prep’s very own students, hopefully, you have a clearer idea of what the values of iUP hold.