An Evaluation of the Two Coldest Seasons


Fall is in the air, and winter is coming along with it! The leaves turn brown and are about to go away as the cold winter breeze brings a shiver to everyone. It’s time to find out which iUPrep likes! Once we find out people’s opinions, we’ll take a look at mine.


Fall Lovers

Autumn Friesenhahn put: “My name is a fall thing, and there’s Thanksgiving, which is always really fun!” I too think Thanksgiving is fun. All the butter rolls are delicious! 

Makenna Horne put: “I like fall because the weather is really nice. The leaves also turn really pretty colors so it’s a great time of year to go drive and see pretty scenery.” I love seeing the autumn leaves in fall. Too bad my backyard is full of evergreens. 

Lastly, an anonymous person put: “In Texas at least, it isn’t too hot nor too cold. Also the leaves are really nice.” True that! In fall, Texas always has the perfect weather. 


Winter Lovers

For winter, Danny Hall put: “I like winter personally because I am a fan of cold weather and Christmas presents. Also I’m a bit biased considering my birthday is in winter.”  I too am a fan of cold weather.

Brooke Bolinger put: “While winter is a time of frozen temperatures and icy nights, it is also a time of love and cheer during Christmas. Christmas is my favorite time of year since we celebrate together, as a family, the birth of Christ. We get to gather together, share gifts with one another, and stories of the past. Then comes New Years, a time of renewal and a start of something new. All of this joy brings so much to love about Winter.” I feel the same way, Brooke! I don’t get to see my oldest sister often, but she comes home to celebrate Christmas each year.  That’s why the holiday means so much to me.

Kendall Myers put: “I love the cold crisp air of winter! Also, some of my favorite holidays take place in this season and the scenery is so beautiful.” Winter scenery is truly magical!

And finally, Rakshitha Nobel put: “Because I get to go see all the pretty Christmas lights, drink hot cocoa, sit by the fire, and put up lights! Also, sometimes it snows! I LOVE SNOW!” Yes! Snow is the best!


My Opinion

Though I truly love both seasons, I’d have to go with winter as my favorite. Mainly because I get to see my sister, open presents, (sometimes) go sledding, make snowmen, bake spritz (a family cookie recipe), and drink hot chocolate by the fireplace.

Winter has always been a special time for me. Christmas is the only time of the year that my family members all come together. On the night before December 25th, we exchange gifts. While I get to play badminton — my favorite game — in fall,  the sentimentalism of winter has simply won my heart.



Of course, everyone feels differently about which of the four seasons is best. So now that you’ve found out which one is the favorite of iUPrep, think about which season means the most to you!