Motor-Homes of the Past and Present

First Foundations

The first R.V. was built by hand onto an automobile in 1904, sleeping 4 adults on its bunk beds. In 1915, Roland and Mary Conklin built the Gypsy Van, modifying a bus to include more space and comfort than the previous invention. It was a “fully furnished, double-deck motorhome…” and it became the “general template for generations of motorhomes” (Smithsonian, 2018). 

Modernized Motorhomes

Today there are many styles of R.V.s, including Class A, Class B, Class C, 5th Wheel, Travel Trailers, and Tiny Trailers. These all have unique similarities and differences between them:

Class A

This kind of R.V. is the largest model. Some are double deckers, complete with master bathrooms and multiple slideouts (used to expand the R.V. with a push of a button). Class A R.V.s are driving motorhomes, and most are in the shape of a large bus. This is the most luxurious model, and is about 30-40 feet long.

Class B

These are also known as camper vans, and most are built into a driving van. They are 20-25 feet long, some have swiveling toilets,fold up sinks, and beds that can easily turn into seats for the journey. Class B models are perfect for lone travelers or couples.

Class C

Class C campers have the style of a truck at the front, and camper at the back. This driving model includes a “cab over” area over the front where campers can sleep or use the space for storage. These are much like Class A models, but on a smaller scale. Their sizes make a perfect fit for staying at state parks where the larger Class A’s can’t easily access. 

5th Wheel

This is the largest type of towable R.V.s, that are “pulled by large pick-up trucks with a special 5th wheel hitch located in the bed of the truck” (Smithsonian, 2018). The hitch provides more space for an extra bedroom or living room, making these some of the largest R.V.s available. Some of them come equipped with up to 6 slideouts, perfect for larger families.

Travel Trailers

The 2nd largest towable R.V., travel trailers have a hitch at the front for easy pulling. They can come with multiple slideouts, and have many different layouts available. Simple and trouble-free, these R.V.s are a great option for travel. 

Tiny Trailers

A miniature version of travel trailers, tiny trailers are a great fit for a small family or couple. These contain a bedroom, kitchen and dining area, and a bath. They also make use of swivel toilets and collapsible sinks and beds for more space. 

Owl’s Outings

Kayla Thomas is a 6th grade owl who enjoys the experience of an R.V. She says she liked, “How close everything was to each other. You didn’t have to go too far to get to the kitchen or bathroom.” She bought her 5th Wheel in California and travelled around that area. One thing she didn’t enjoy was that “the bedroom only had 2 bunks that me and my two siblings had to share.” Having multiple family members in one space can be quite hard, but it is a fun adventure.


10th grader, Kat Russel, has traveled in a Class C with her friends. She says, “…they brought it to a soccer game since it was a tournament. They parked it in the lot and hung out there when they weren’t at games. It seemed super convenient. Personally, I am more of a boat person but [it was] definitely a neat experience.” 


7th grader, McKinnley Rupp, stayed in a tiny trailer at Lake Wilson in Wilson, Kansas. She says, “I was in a very small (and a little old) camper but it was very nice and it was nice to get out of the house.” McKinnley’s favorite part was, “The outdoors…we stayed at a campground so I loved going to the lake.” 


Kinley Petzold is another 7th grader who has stayed in an R.V. She took a travel trailer to a stock show in Abilene and describes her experience as, “so fun and you can make really good memories with family and friends!” She says the best part about her stay was spending time with family and friends. 


Brooke Bolinger is a 10th grader who has stayed in multiple R.V.s for tennis tournaments and vacations. She says, “We first rented a Class C R.V. to take to a tournament in Midland, and loved the convenience of having a home with us wherever we went! After that, we tried out different travel trailers, and found them to be the best choice for our family. We have taken them all over Texas, to Corpus Christi, Waco, and Georgetown, to name a few. We loved our travels in the R.V. so much that we decided to buy a travel trailer for ourselves in February! So far we have taken it to Dripping Springs for a test run and Waco for a tennis tournament, and we have a few more adventures planned for the future.” Brooke says the best part about R.V.s is, “The excitement of having another home! I have so much fun with my family and we make so many new memories together to cherish forever!”


Our owls have had many amazing adventures in R.V.s and have loved the experience! The opportunity of trying this new activity is thrilling, and there are so many different options to choose from when looking for the right R.V. for your family. Whether you test out this motorhome with a small tiny trailer or a large Class C, take the time to research and learn for yourself the joy of taking an R.V.!


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